A few things I noticed about FFX-2

I’ll mark them as spoilers, just in case. Feel free to discuss.


1: Upon entering a battle with a Chocobo, the thing ran up and swiftly kicked one of my girls in the head. In retaliation, I shot it in the face, and it fell to the ground. But the funny thing is; when it “died”, pyreflies came out. Pyreflies, of all things. Does this mean Chocobos are fiends?

2: Another thing about Chocobos in battle. They have “reins” around their beaks, and a saddle. Why would wild Chocobos be wearing these things? 8P

3: The Zanarkand Abes team in FFX-2 has an interesting roster; I’ve noticed that there is a Toma and a “Cetan”. At first, I thought the localization guys at Square were trying to make up a team of past Squaresoft greats, but maybe I’m just imagining things. Does anyone else recognize any other team members from the Abes?

4: During the ending of Chapter 3, Gippal hands over the spheres and says they contain “their wills”. Nooj tells you he’s just kidding around… but I can’t help but recognize this from somewhere. Wasn’t there another Final Fantasy or a Square game (or even an RPG in general) where a character handed you a shiny object, and told you it was his will?[/SPOILER]

1 and 2: No comment. 8p
3: Never actually played blitzball in FFX-2, so can’t help you there.
4: I don’t recall anything like that…

then why did you post

Because people generally expect me to know about this sort of thing, and I wanted to tell him I didn’t. :sunglasses: Which means that it’s either really obscure, or it isn’t true.

Probably because he runs the largest Final Fantasy information archive anywhere on the internet, and if he doesn’t know it, then odds are it just doesn’t exist.

Don’t be a prick.

Yeah, he answered and told me he wasn’t sure. Nothing wrong with that. If no one had said anything, I’d be a little offended, personally. 8)

Thanks. 8)

By the way, here’s the part in the script with the aforementioned scene in Chapter 3. Recognize it now? It’s after you fight [SPOILER]Ixion.[SPOILER]

[SPOILER]Nooj: (to Yuna) Open your eyes!

Shuyin let’s go of Yuna and suddenly, Shuyin reverts to Baralai and
Yuna reverts to her normal outfit. Baralai approaches a little closer
to the Farplane’s ledge.

Baralai: The end is not far now.

Baralai made a portal open and went in it.

Nooj: (to Yuna) Give this to Paine. It was all I was able to find.

Nooj gave Yuna a sphere.

Gippal: Give her this one, too.

Gippal gave Yuna a sphere.

Yuna: Huh?

Nooj: Our wills.

Gippal: He’s kidding. Just make sure Paine gets 'em, all right?

Yuna: How do you know her?

Gippal: The four of us go way back.

Yuna: Don’t go!

Gippal: It’s under control!

Nooj: Take care of things topside.


Hmm… it does sound like they’re making a jab at some inside joke, but it also just might be an original joke which doesn’t translate well. It doesn’t sound familiar to me.

1: From my understanding, pyreflies react to anything that is dead. If you recall in FFX, whenever anyone wanted to let you know they were really dead, all of a sudden pyreflies would surround them.

2: There’s no such thing as a wild chocobo. These ones escaped. Or something.

3: I only played Blitzball once in FFX-2, and hated it, so I never saw the Abes. Maybe if I looked up a team list or something I might see something unusual.

4: In FFX, when Tidus walks in on Yuna viewing Jyscal’s sphere, she says it’s his will. Dunno if the FFX-2 scene was referring to that, seems like a pretty lame joke if you ask me. :stuck_out_tongue:

No Abes, I pefere FFX controls when Blitz-ing (except with Sabin, then FF6:PSX).

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i havent played FFX-2 yet, but the 4th thing we are discussing sounds

  1. like dragonessa said, in FFX with jyscal’s spere

  2. and this is the better one, this i think refers to FFTactics. the zodiac stones, thats what it sounds like.

  3. but a very faint reference, to FF 1, with the orbs of the world.

Thanks for the input; I completely forgot about the Jyscal thing!

Another thing for those who have played FFX and X2; try running around Luca in FFX sometime. You should be able to find the character models for Tobli, Nhadala, the Sphere Break teacher, and perhaps more. On the Highroad, you can find the Shinra character model (in the place where he drops the Commsphere, no less!) and I think I saw Benzo on the airship or in the Macalania Travel Agency. Yaibal’s model is in the game somewhere too, and I’m almost certain you can find Trema if you look really hard.

Trema’ model is used when Yuna and her group first reach the entrance to the Zanarkand Dome, and reappears to give information on the Final Aeon.

I was kinda wondering about the chocobos dissolving into pyreflies. Another oddity: The Guados you fight in FFX turn into pyreflies too once you defeat them. Hmmm…

When Yuna sends the dead, they turn into pyrflies… Pyrflies are a very important element to Spira. Pyrflies are used in Orbs…

FFX-2: Has any one Noiticed that Rin’s ‘Ladiees’ On the Spear Break Quest are only seen in Zanakinland? And those Kids are ‘Abes’ Fans by ‘Luca Go-ers’ Locker-room?

FFX: I Hired Nhaladia as ‘Linna’ outside Macarena Temple as my RF.

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:ulty:weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll, for the Guados, I think that is because they can summon those fiends and stuff, and did anyone notice the plot holes with Yevon and the summoners from Zanarkand? caus the Yevonites didn’t exsist back then right? and if Lenne is a Summoner how would that work?


[SPOILER]Yevon did exist back in the day, but not as the faith you see in FFX. It was the Yevon you see in X-2, the one that had no qualms about using lots and lots of machina. They were fighting against the Zanarkand summoners, and after the death of Yu Yevon, Sin was created and devastated Zanarkand and probably most of Bevelle, too. The war was forgotten after time, and the people lived in fear of Sin. Yevon eventually realized that Sin seemed to target machina and machine users (and that their Vegnagun was a dud weapon, so they buried that underground), and thus the teachings of Yevon were born. Yevon became a church to rule to people and give them hope, and eventually, summoners discovered a way to defeat Sin.

I’m getting ahead of myself, it seems. But summoners existed in Zanarkand before the war 1000 years ago, and though Yevon had all kinds of cool machine weapons, they always sought the summoners power. Since the teachings of Yevon have people convinced that summoning is a Yevon act and that Zanarkand was destroyed because it relied on machines, most people were lead to believe that Yevon, using the power of the Aeons, were the good guys and the winner of the war (another interesting fact is that the Hymn of the Fayth was originally sung in defiance of Yevon, until Yevon stole the song and used it as their own… just like P. Diddy!). The “teachings” of Yevon tell that Sin came from out of nowhere, but only those who have lived since the days of the war know the truth. The real truth is handed down from maester to maester, and is hidden from the people. Yevon likes to hide things, right? This “truth” is what the Seekers were seeking, and thus the sphere hunters were born.

Does that narrow things down? Or am I turning into Maechen here?[/SPOILER]

:hyperven: :hyperven: :thud: HOLY CRAP! BUT from what I heard, Yu Yevon was from Zanarkand, and I thought the fayths were created for the sole purpose of defeating Sin, so it would have been impossible for there to be summoners, because Sin didn’t-and therefore Fayths-didn’t exist! :hahaha;

Werent the Fayth the ones who summoned up the memory of Zanarkand ? who kept that dream going ?

:runaway: well yeah, but wasn’t that because Yu Yevon was the original Fayth or something? that would just mean they were following his plans for the Zanarkand Dream World, right? ::dekar!:: ::dekar!:: I have no Idea…