a few things i dont get/how to get other chocobos

on ff7 why cant you sell buster sword and throw golves

also when you meet dyne (when you battle him) he shoots barret in the scenes and barret doesnt get hurt but dyne shot all the other people and they died strait away.odd huh if you think i am just being silly and just imagining this stuff dont be afraid to tell me or if you notice this stuff too i would like to know why if you know

2ndly how do you make chocobos go across mountains and fly etc because i want to get to some secret areas

  1. You can’t sell the basic weapon for each character because there is no battle model of any character with no weapon at all. This ensures your character is always equipped with something.

  2. Same reason Aeris died when slashed with a sword yet in battles she got burned, shot, slashed, and destroyed dozens of times over with no hard effects. It’s called a plot device.

  3. You have to breed Chocobos. There’s a whole FAQ on how to do that, try gamefaqs.com.

  1. Characters in RPGs can only die when The Plot decides it.

  2. Through Chocobo [STRIKE]in[/STRIKE]breeding. Seriously, you will need the Chocobo Lure Materia too. If you sold them all, yer screwed. DON’T sell them!

  1. the character needs a weapon that cant be sold so that theyre always wielding something.

  2. The other people died because they werent as strong as Barret. (Logical)

2b) Barret didnt die because then he wouldnt be there now.

  1. as for chocobos, look in the mountains of the Northern Continent for a patch of land next to a lone house surrounded by mountains. you can only get there with an airship, and the Chocobo sage lives there. Keep talking to him and returning every now and then to see if he’ll say anything else. talk to the kid in the chocobo stable and he’ll record the sage’s lecture. He’ll tell you how to get the GOLD chocobo (oooooooh!) Or read an FAQ on it. oh, and they never fly in ff7.
    of cours, i you dont want to breed a chocobo, you could always defeat Emerald Weapon and talking to that guy in Kalm… (hahaha… good luck!)

Um… Ragnarok, you’re a little late. In case you hadn’t noticed Cid and The Nameless One, already said all this, around about a month ago. Oh well.

you want strange? how about this:

Red XIII is he last of his kind, yet after the ff7 credits roll, you see 3 of whatever he is (2 cubs and himself) running in a canyon. he has a mother and a father, so his species does not reproduce asexually. my theory is that they cloned him, but i think that you need both sexes for this to work.

secondly, and anyone who’s beaten ff9 should have noticed this, during the ending cinema, you see a whole bunch of little vivis, one of whom proclaims to be vivi’s son. for this… i have no logical explanation other than “they made more vivis,” and that is highly unlikely.

Its called that it was never specificly said that he was the last of his race. Plus, just as you dont see any others, doesnt mean they dont exist. Look at all the “exctint” animals that are alive today, yet they suppostly died either a million years ago, or 100 years ago.

As for the multiple Vivis, it is simple. When you go to that Dwarf village the first time, you can choose to have Vivi and Quina get married. And since Quina’s gender is shady at best, my theory is they had kids. Yes, interracial breeding is the obvious explanation.

And did I mention I am a moron?