A few quibbles...

This might be nothing, but just in case:

Recently I downloaded AVG version 7.5. Every night, it updates itself, and asks me to confirm the Download. If I don’t, it’ll start bugging me with YOUR AVG HAS A MAJOR PROBLEM! messages. I find this rather suspicious… could I have downloaded some disguised spyware that’s reporting my activities or something? No other antivirus I’ve had did this. Or am I being paranoid? In any case, it’s annoying. How to fix it?

Also, you might remember that I posted here looking for a Word writing alternative since recently, every time I opened it it began to ask for a Microsoft Office reinstall (I think some component must’ve gotten erased somehow.) I got the Open Office Editor instead, but it doesn’t seem to have an Image Editor, which I want to make my avatars. Where can I find a good, free one? And, how do I stop Word Office from asking for a reinstall? There has to be some way. (Note the program still works, once I shut down the installation wizard. But, it’s a drag.)


You two, fight to the death!

(and the winner tells me which one’s better)

Avast will tell you in a friendly voice that your virus database has been updated.


It will also creep you out with that same friendly voice when a Virus is detected. :wink:

for the Word reinstall question. Do you have access to a disc? If not, what version of word is it?

Word 2003, and no I don’t. The thing is, the program works OK (except for the Image editor) so I don’t understand why the reinstall wizard keeps opening every time I open Word. I just want it to stop doing that.

Sadly, you’ll probably need the Cd in order to do so. PM Me if you need help with that.

The reason being is that something has corrupted the component of Word with the image editor. (Usually 3rd party programs that try to “interact” with office tend to do things like that. I’m looking at you, Google Desktop!)

OK, I’ve downloaded Avast and gotten rid of AVG and so far I like it much better. I’m also using Open Office instead of Word Office and though I’m not used to the Interface (I used Word to write for years after all) I think I will soon. I also downloaded The Gimp image editor (Thanks Khalbrae!) though I have yet to use it for anything significant, but it’s very easy to use so I’m sure I will.

Just wanted to thank everyone who advised me here. :slight_smile: