A documentary about fast food.

This is an interesting documentary which I shall most likely watch:


I have already read Fast Food Nation, so the message and facts in this film will most likely mostly be things which I already know, but it still looks interesting.

I think I’ve heard about this somewhere before…it’s still qite interesting.

I never cared much for McDonalds in the first place anyway. :slight_smile:


I’ve been wanting to watch it; so I suppose I will.

This is about the guy who ate nothing but McDonalds for 30 days and almost died right?

Yes, due to the build-up of toxicity in his system.

Too bad no theatres near me are showing it.

Uhhh….that is because the film will not begin showing until 7 May.

I’m definately going to see this.

I heard about this film. Sounds interesting…kinda scary in a way since I eat out alot, I can’t cook. I wonder if this film was the reason McDonalds has tried to change it’s menu and go rid of it’s super-size.

Well, actually, everyone blatantly bashing on McDonald’s lack of healthy food is the reason they’re axing the SuperSize. Oh, and by the way… If no one has already noticed, they’ve axed their original Medium fry. It’s now 4 oz. as opposed to 5 oz. And their small/McValue fry is kinda the same… 4 oz.

Sounds interesting… but, I probably won’t be able to see it… gashdurnit!

I plan on going to see this, although I doubt it’ll teach me too much, I’ve known that fast food in general is bad for you for a while.