A cute genius with a great smile

Oh, and a Xylophone too

I find it a little scary, I mean, she’s so skilled…yet this may cost her childhood if her parents push it too much. :too bad:

Something about her doesn’t seem quite right. The way she moves seems too fluid for a young child, her motor skills seem too well developed.

did anyone else feel the creepy factor

Yea, that creepy plastic smile, and puppety bounce are really weird. Compound that with the fact this is from the DPRK’s state TV, and you’re creepy radar is off the charts.

don’t forget the big moonbeam head

She’s got a music career made

I’m inclined to believe that she was realistically made, but operated by a puppetter who doesn’t know how to make her move naturally.

but can play a song perfectly by remote.

Cool, are those xilophone playing robots for sale? They look almost human!

From the same site, this is even scarier:


So it might be some old musical dude playing with puppets? Heh.

Um … right. files this away under “just plain weird”

Why are the subtitles in English of the subtitles in Japanese in fact not in Korean anywhere if they’re supposed to be in Korea?

I’m sure this might be scary because she is talking in a high note…

Not (to) mention the typical North Korean accent.

That smile isn’t cute. It’s scary.

Because “Rob Pongi” lives in japan, and they show DPRK propaganda in japan when they do features on the country and stuff. I guess they translate the original korean into japanese subtitles, which he then translates to english.