A clockwork orange

I just recently had a chance to view this beauty of a film.

I quite enjoyed a little of the ol’ ultraviolence, as it were. >.>;

I’ve never seen it - am I seriously missing out?


Kubrik took out the original happy ending. He said it betrayed the book or something.

Kubrik’s a fucker. Read the book.

Happy ending? Now I have to read it. It’ll be nice to read a dystopian novel that ends in a positive note.

I thought the ending of the movie was supposed to be happy. Alex retains his free will even though he chooses to be evil.

You have to see it only to increase your ability to understand Simpsons references.

The same goes for the Godfather trilogy and Citizen Kane.

It gave me many wardrobe ideas =D

A Clockwork Orange is awesome, although I probably need to watch it a couple more times to fully understand it.

And the film is apparently based on the American publications of the book, which cut out the last chapter, so the alteration wasn’t entirely Kubrik’s fault (although I’m sure he was aware of both versions… he just chose one over the other).

It’s still on my ‘to watch’ list, alongside Eraserhead and Time Bandits, because they always seem to be out of copies at the rental place. :\

I personally couldn’t stand Eraserhead, even though I like David Lynch’s other movies. I just thought it was a bit too art school for my tastes.

The movie is great. I have to read the book though.

A Clockwork Orange is one of the few Kubrick films I haven’t gotten to see yet. The video store I used to go to doesn’t have it.

Got the movie on DVD, have yet to see it. But I downloaded the ost already, just for the fun of it. I’m addicted to some of the songs on there.
I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper and keep him company… sings

Mmmm… obscene violence that makes me cringe and an unanswerable question. Shudder. I love that movie, but I try to watch it only rarely. And as for this ‘book’ that some of you speak of, what is this strange contracption of which you speak?

I love the book, but I haven’t seen the movie. As far as “Eraserhead” goes, Americansycho, I’ll have to disagree with you. While the movie does not seem to make a lot of sense, and contains very little dialogue, I found it to be a very enjoyable experience. I’m glad that you enjoy other David Lynch films though, did you see “Fire Walk With Me?” Now THAT was fucking awesome.

What an excellent comment. But, some movies (Clockwork Orange and even Eraserhead) have to be seen just as an educational experience.

Damnit, I still haven’t seen that.