A case of the monday's ?

I have noticed that there arent hardly any posts on this forum at the begining of the week. Is this coincidence or (instert antenym for coincidence here) ? How’s does everyone’s week useually start off ? slow ? Bored to get back to school ? or work ? Please, everyone, help me solve this mystery !


Or maybe it’s because we spend the weekend online (lots of sparetime) and are tired of it on mondays.

But why do you ask?

Because its Monday… everyones depressed. Then on Saturday about 5 new posts appear.

Yeah Mondays are usually dull.

On a side note, shouldn’t this thread be on the main board? Since it has nothing to do with Final Fantasy.

Originally posted by Born_Loser
I have noticed that there arent hardly any posts on this forum at the begining of the week…


Yeah, it’s cause Monday’s suck. I don’t start topics much anyway.

I don’t useually start topics either. Startred few lately though…

Heavens, i dont post anything on the main forum. This is my main forum. It doesent have to be about Final Fantasy to be posted here (see forum description).

Yeah, but still. A Final Fantasy board, you usually expect to see only things to do with Final Fantasy on it. And not stuff just general stuff about days of the week.

I’m here most of the time on Mondays. I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I always have four day weekends. Hell, I’m on the boards during my breaks at college so I guess you can say I’m here all the time.

Class only on Tuesday and Thursday ? What kind of college do yo go to ? Kinda funny, back when i was in jujitsu, those are the exact same days i would train on.

It’s a small private college. I’m taking 15 credit hours (5 classes) which is full time. It just happened that I planned my schedule to have classes only on Teusday and Thursday. I’m there on Tuesday from 7:30 AM to 8:45 PM with two 2 hour breaks and from 7:30 to 5:15 on Thursday. My first class isn’t until 8:30 AM but my dad has to drop me off on his way to work at 7:30.

Friday is an ill word for me because that is when I have no time to myself. I don’t work outside my home so I find peace when I’m alone.

So Monday is Heaven for me. That’s when all my roommates are gone to work.

Here we go again.