8-Bit Theater!

Now in flash movie format. Not as good as the comic, except for the magic store guys voice. That just kicked ass. Now, watch

Oh nice, they’ve finally released part 4.

I still like No.3 or #015 better

Cute WM though

It was awsome.

Edit: That’s pretty good, far better than the earlier episodes in flash.

I hearby declare this to be “teh funneh”. :hahaha;

Not bad. I don’t really like the background music though. It drowns out the voices, which are kind of on the quiet side.

I thought it was funny. The best part was at the end with the white mage audition. :hahaha;

It would be funny if I could understand what the fuck they’re saying D:

That’s why I turned the speech bubbles on. :smiley: