8-bit or 16-bit..?

Well, which one?

If you’re refering to console capabilities, I think it’s safe to say that SNES [16] can beat NES [8] anyday.

As is the case with SMS and Genesis/Mega Drive.

I’ve always had a heart for NES. My first system. Goodtimes, goodtimes…

2-bit all the way.

16 bit

16, easily, it can do everything 8 can and more, I can’h think of a single 8-16 upgrade that cocked up, or a 16-8 conversion that actually improved on the 16 bit original



16-bit has the better graphics/gamneplay/music and all but 8-bit has this old school feeling all over it

i played 16 bit as a kid. and i remember the snes having some kick-ass games on it.

I’m a graphics whore.
Unless we talk 3D games.

I like more powerful games so 16 bit. But i liked my master system more than the mega drive so 8-bit…but i liked the games better on the mega drive though so i choose 16 bit…if that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, 16-bit is special lookin’, but… 8-bit just has so much more… care, I guess, put into it. In those days, they actually tried to make graphics look impressive. FF3, on the NES for example, is a game of graphics far surpassing any on the NES previously (not to mention the game KICKS ASS), and I just like the 8-bit graphics for having a bit of ‘soul’ put into them.

8 Nes has what i think the best games of all time NES RULES