500 dollars for a fuck

No, it’s not what you had in mind.

Some people of the law in St. Petersburg are trying to pass a law regulating obscenity. Now everytime someone is making a show like a concert and stuff they’ll have to pay $500 everytime they say fuck. Or any other profane word, as it goes. Clicka. Which words are progane, though, is still argueable.

It will also be difficult for city officials to decide which words are profane, Howie said. “I can think of a lot of words that you don’t use in polite society that aren’t considered obscene,” he said.

“I’m all for having family-oriented entertainment in the park, but when you go that next step and start fining people, I think you’re opening up Pandora’s box,” said council member John Bryan. “It seems totally unnecessary.”

And that would be what’s happening across the country with the right’s wingnuts.

What the hell has been up with the world recently. People getting charged for saying fuck. Homosexuals being put in jail for longer than rapists. Ding Dong. How about you use your creativity for something useful, dear governments of all the countries? How about you invent some fancy new thing like actually putting guilty people into jail, doing something against poverty, war-- ah no, wait. There’s something way more important to do, right? Like investigating mars. Who cares about the problems we have on our own planet already. Let’s search for some we can actually solve on another one!!

This is bullshit.
It won’t work. They should introduce Newspeak instead.

Yeah. Then we’ll have no vocabulary to use against Big Brother.

What about if its part of a song?

Imagines Limp Bizkit’s ‘Hot Dog’ (Terrible song, but still…)

Actually, I belive that a singer was actually fined for using the f word on television.

The catch?

They decided that he should have been fined after two years.