50 ways to leave your lover

First, you should know the song…50 ways to leave your lover by Paul Simon.


Next, there’s the ways we already know how to leave your lover from this song.

[i]You just slip out the back, Jack
Make a new plan, Stan
You don’t need to be coy, Roy
Just get yourself free.

Hop on the bus, Gus
You don’t need to discuss much.
Just drop off the key, Lee
And get yourself free.[/i]

Now, using any of the following one-syllable names (I think they all are) that weren’t used in the song and this post if possible, or any one-syllable names you can think of, continue giving ways to leave your lover using a similar verse. Easy?

Ace, Abe, Al, Ash
Bach, Bart, Beck, Ben, Blaine, Blake, Brad, Bram, Brandt, Brent, Brett, Brooks, Burt
Cain , Cal, Cash, Chad, Chance, Chase
Chris, Chuck, Clark, Claude, Clay, Cliff , Clint, Cole, Craig, Curt
Dale, Dan, Dave, Dean, Dell, Dill, Dirk, Dex, Doug, Drake, Drew, Duane
Finn, Fletch
Flint, Floyd, Flynn, Ford, Fox, Fran, Frank, Fred, Frost
Gabe, Gage, Geoff, Gene, George, Gil, Glen, Graham, Grant, Gray, Greg, Guy
Hank, Hans, Hart, Hank, Hays/Hayes, Heath, Hugh, Holt, Hoyt
Jace, Jake, James , Jax, Jay, Jean, Jeb , Jed, Jet, Jim, Job, John, Joe, Joel , Joss, Judd, Jude
Kai , Karl, Keene , Keefe , Keith, Ken, Kent, Kip, Kirk, Klaus, Kurt
Lance, Lang, Lars, Leif , Lev, Lex, Lloyd, Luke
Mack, Mark, Max, Mick, Mitch, Mike, Moe , Moss
Nash, Nate , Ned, Nels, Neil, Nick, Nils, Noel
Paul, Pax, Pete, Pierce, Pine , Phil
Rain, Raj , Rafe , Raul , Ray, Reed, Reef, Reeve, Rex, Rhett, Reece, Roan, Rob, Rock, Ron, Ross, Rune
Sage, Sam , Saul, Scott , Sean, Seb, Serge, Seth, Shane, Sky, Slade , Snow, Steel, Steve , Stone, Storm
Tate, Thane, Thor, Todd, Trey, Troy, True, Truth, Ty
Wes, West , Will
Zack, Zev

And here is my verse…

You need to rob the bank, Hank
Slip her a pill, Phil
Get on the fast track, Zack
Just get yourself free.

Not much in her stacks, Max.
She’s gone, now go and relax.
The passion is gone, John.
Her only answer is a dis, Chris.
Just get yourself free.

Heh. Good ones.

Leave her at the mall, Paul
Slip out the bed, Ed
Drive off in the Dodge, Raj
Just listen to me

Do her in the butt,
Give her thoat the cut.
Lay a twenty on that ho…
I can’t rhyme any mo’.

See you all on Law and Order: Special Victims unit!



punch her in the face, ace,
get a one hit kill, dill,
call her a whore, thor
Just get yourself free.

It’s not just a joke, Oak.
Gotta hop on your bike, Ike.
You don’t need a mate, Tate.
Just get yourself free.