50% done my Homm1 Shrine

What do you think so far? I’ve probably put way too much information about everything. But can’t say it’s complete without it.

I still need to implement the strategy pages for the Sorceress and Warlock, I need to put up my soundtrack comparison page (featuring very, very low quality versions of the PC soundtrack compared to the gameboy soundtrack), I need to finish/fix up my how to play page and finally, I need to populate all the data I’ve gathered for the walkthrough… oh and I also need some more gameboy images.

Any feedback on what need to be changed out of what I have done already?


edit: Quick silent update to my shrine, updated Heroic Evolution with more tooltips (text that appears when you float your mouse over a picture).

Nice work on the Heroic Evolution (which at points is quite funny) and the knight & barbarian creature commentary.

You might throw in a Battle Tips & Tricks section. Like bringing ranged units and perma-blinding/paralyzing your opponents, so they never get to attack; bringing dragons and casting Armageddon/Storm/Fireball, so you don’t get hurt; combining a high Attack hero with wolves or paladins, the haste spell, and high luck, so you can use the double attack to shut down their ranged units immediately, and often get two <i>more</i> attacks without retaliation; positioning your area effect units to attack multiple creatures at once, and preferably the weaker of the two to minimize retaliation; the sort of tricks that come with long experience, but are also easy to teach.

If you ever do HoMM2 add the black-dragons cheat. It’s like idkfa.

It looks pretty good! I wouldn’t use spaces or capitalization when naming files, though.

Somebody else already is doing Homm2… I think if I ever did do Homm 2 I’d probably be linking a bit of stuff back to my Homm1 page though :wink:

(especially comparison junk)

I’ll remember that for my next shrine =D

You know, I’ve decided to incorporate more video into my shrine. So I will not only have pictures and written descriptions, but I will have videos I’ve created hosted on Youtube and Revver to highlight my points. (especially when discussing various strategies)

That’s a good idea, but have a text-only version available too. When I don’t want to bother with a block of text I skim; when I don’t want to bother with a vid I close the tab.