3ds max 7


I’m looking at buying 3ds Max 7, the best price i’ve found is $650 this is for the educational version which I could get. anybody know of a site where I can get it cheaper.


Seriously, if you want to pay for it, the best price is the educational version.

Just out of curiosity, how did a youngster like you get into using such tools like this? Commendable, I must say.

What is it anyway??

It’s a 3D Modeling and Animation program. I’ve used it for a bit, but the only things I made were a poorly animated swinging mace and a spinning coin.

Why don’t you just get maya? I’ve never used it, but i think it does pretty much the same thing as 3D studio. Plus, the educational version is free >>;;

I scan the Mags since My local games Store is also an News agents. When we’re (I do as well as the staff) not play testing, they are looking though the stuff to find infomation about games.

I found that PCPlus had Truespace 3 on their Cover Disk, twice. I’ve got them both. (The Second time i there was also another freebie)

Big Nutter
I also have read the Game Traders Mag on occation.

one word for you, Maya.

You’ll find that max is good in theory for “teaching” but maya is used more, and alot (ALOT) better. and easier once you get good at it. 3dsmax was what I learned on in digipen my first year, then we switched to maya and everything became awesome

Yea, but maya is alot harder to learn. I got it just because it was free, made a few creatures, but i could never get them to stop looking like they were staring. =( 3DSMAX is easier to just mess around in.

Ok I’ll try maya, I have downloaded 3ds max 6 but it was just a trial version so it only lasted like a month. I’ve also found something that’s made by discreet and has alot of the same things, It’s gmax.