3D Fighting Games

Which do you think is better? This is, like, in case I make a fighting game where you can not only sidestep (closer and further from the camera) and move forward and back (with the opponents), but also jump like this was GGX, and also contrive so that the two opposing characters were (almost) always facing each other.

  1. Like an action game. Slick.

Soul Calibur 2 got it perfect.

In a fighting game, you just need a quick way to dodge. In 2D, the quickest is just to jump. But in a 3D game, you also have the ability to move to the sides, thus, a quick and easy way to move to the sides is required.

In 2d you can jump 50 ft in the air and air combo them for 200 billion hits

In 3d you can jump a foot off the ground, and when you do the other guy usualy knocks you on your butt.

Can’t remember which game it was but there was definitely one where you either double-tapped up (or pushed the stick up firmly) to jump and did the same thing in the opposite direction to duck. That’d get my vote.

3rd Strike, keep on the ground and parry for your life. Jumping is suicide.

Only in shitfuckcockeating games like Marvel vs Capcom 2…

My question here is “yeah but what if you could also jump 50 feet into the air in the 3D game?”

And yes, only Marvel Vs. Capcom has characters who ALWAYS have 30+ hits as a matter of choice. I’m thinking more along the lines of games like Guilty Gear, which has precisely two characters who’re like that. :smiley:

If you could, it ends up being completely useless and unwieldy. Case in point, DBZ Budokai.

What is it with people and hating on MvC? So what if its hectic and easy to combo, its still fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Cable = Instant Win

Also, the jacuzzi jazz sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

In VF1 iirc some characters like Kage could do these amazing flying kicks that shot him about 15-20 feet in the air

I don’t hear much hate for MvC. It’s more for MvC2. However, most people that hate on it are the hardcore fighting gamers that like to play in tournies and shit. When it comes to that, there’s essentially only around 6 playable fighters out of 56. Cable, Magneto, Sentinel, Storm, and I think two others. So, they get mad at the game over balance issues. If you’re just playing the game against a friend and don’t take fighters all that seriously, it’s a fine little game.

Simply as a counterpoint to that, there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with a game that boasts that you can play as your favorite characcter, except that someone else’s favorite character will kick your ass regardless of relative skill.

Yeah. My Servbot always loses. :frowning: