2d to 3d, the best translations.

Here is something that came to mind as I was playing Zelda 1 and Zelda OoT. Which series do you think made the transition from 2d to 3d the best? You can add the worst too.

Mine are:
FF - Not too hard to do, but it still nice.
Zelda - They keep the same feel and are still a blast. They also upped the challenge and complications by going to 3d. Wind Waker, while probably my least favorite Zelda (it is still a great game, just not quite as good as the others), added even more interactivity with the environments.
Metal Gear - MGS, enough said there.:hahaha;

These are three that I think did the job extraordinarly well.

Honorable mention:
Mario - Would have been included if it wasn’t for Sunshine. Sunshine is just a really weak Mario. The whoel delphino sort of ruins it for me. Paint and water pack are also things I didn’t care for much. My favorite parts of Sunshine are the ones that you go to the alternate dimension and lose your pack. The water pack and Delphino are just the wrong ways to take the series. The environments are neat in that they are more alive and not so much a level, but the jet pack just isn’t it. It may get up there when the next Mario is released.

Street Fighter - These alst one have lost all heart and any kind of fun.
Sonic - Good God! What have they done to our favorite Hedgehog? Sonic 3d on the Gensis was even better, and it probably is because that wasnt really 3d.

So what are yours?

D&D. You know, from old Dark Sun to Baldur’s Gate and then to NWN.

My worst is Civilization 3. It says it requires OpenGL to run it, but there is no real 3D in it up to where I’ve played so far.

Ninja Gaiden- Okay, so only one of the games in the series was made in 3d but I think the fact that you can cut ninja’s heads off is enough to make this a solid transition. Plus the game is just fucking fun.

Prince of Persia- Again, only one game in the series was in 3d, but it was a really good game.

Metal Gear- Wouldn’t be too hard anyways, the other ones weren’t exactly gaming gold. Well the first one was but the others kind of sucked.

And some other stuff that Infonick already said.


Megaman- They weren’t too terrible or anything, but I would’ve rather had proper 2d sequels to Megaman or Megaman X than the Legends series.

Shinobi- I know some of you here like this game but I thought it was dull. I only played until the end because I shelled out 30 dollars for it.

Contra- Shattered Soldier was pretty good but the Playstation games were really bad.

And again, Infonick said some of the stuff I would’ve said. I could go on with this list of bad ones for a while so I’ll just stop now.

ACtualy there was anoter Prince of Persia 3D game, if I recall. But it’s was shitty.

Your forgetting Metroid Prime,never played it myself but i think it made a great transition to 3D

Originally posted by Lunaris
ACtualy there was anoter Prince of Persia 3D game, if I recall. But it’s was shitty.

Oh yeah, I remember that game now that you mention it. I’m pretty sure it was a pc game. That game was freaking terrible.

Hmm, definitely Castlevania. I guess not many will agree, but I thought the N64 ones were pretty good. And Lament of Innocence was DEFINITELY a great transition. :smiley:

I haven’t played either of those yet. I heard that the N64 one was average and loI has received mixed reviews but I’m still highly interested in it. I may pick it up now. I probably would have picked it up a while ago, but Devil May Cry fulfilled my need for a dark action game with supernatural forces.

Yeah, I guess Prime too. I’m not too big of a fan of it, but if you really think about it, Metroid can’t be doen in 3D any other way. It is still a quality game, just not quite my thing.

Originally posted by Skankin’ Garbage
Hmm, definitely Castlevania. I guess not many will agree, but I thought the N64 ones were pretty good. And Lament of Innocence was DEFINITELY a great transition. :smiley:

I’ll agree to that one. I thought the N64 ones were pretty good too, well the one I played was (the one with the werewolf dude). Lament of Innocence looks pretty good though I’ve yet to play it.

Final Fantasy and MGS are my other 2 picks.

I don’t know of any 3d games in any 2d series that I’ve played. :hahaha;

I heartilly second Metroid. I, like many other hardcore Metroid fans, was a bit skeptical whn I heard that Prime was gonna be an FPS, but I fell in love with Samus all over again after the first fove minutes of play. :slight_smile:

As if I needed any MORE reminders that I’m missing out due to a lack of Gamecube … ;_;

I think Zelda made a near flawless transition with Ocarina of Time. Nintendo managed to keep all the old Zelda elements we know and love and essentially “kick them up a notch.”

I wasn’t a fan of Metroid Prime. I think the game grew a little too complicated with an addition of third dimension. They tossed in a few too many “bells and whistles” with the gameplay as well.

Yeah, Nintendo seem to be the masters of adding the extra dimension- Mario, Zelda and Metroid all rock in 3D. However, I feel an extra mention should be given to… wait for it… Mortal Kombat.

Okay, not MK4 or MKGold, which were both pretty dire, but Deadly Alliance is highly playable- probably the best one since 3 (I don’t care what the purists say, I preferred 3 to 2 by miles).

Other honourable mentions: FF, MGS (obviously)

Dishonourable mentions: Sonic. Adventure 1 was fun enough, but Heroes just sucks in places. Sonic is much better played with a digital control pad- why will ST not realise this? (that said, the Advance games aren’t brilliant either. Here on the GBA we get new Sonic games and Mario re-releases when it should be the other way around :thud: )

Also: Micro Machines games beyond V3

Micro Machines 2 and '96 for the Mega Drive are some of the purest multi-player gaming you’ll ever get- dare I say it, even more fun in multiplayer than Mario Kart. When V3 was released, it really seemed as if Codies could take the franchise into 3 dimensions. However, the Maniacs games and the recent PS2 game proves that this is one series best left in the 16-bit era. :too bad; Pity, really.

I think that Nintendo did a good job with Metroid Prime. I haven’t actually played the old 2-D game(s), but I have seen clips of them.