25th of July: Planning thread

Okay, it’s time to organise this sucker.

First off, the people that I count on coming here are:


Maybe Nulani, maybe Urkani

  • two of my IRL friends whom will be helping with roleplaying and stuff.

Basicly, the idea is this:

25th of July: We meet up at the Stockholm Central Station, around 15:00. I’ll hang around longer though if neccessary. After that I take everyone to my place, we’ll be there at 17:00 or so I think. Note that these times are not as of yet final, this is the preliminary planning.

From there on we’ll have some food. I dunno how I’ll solve this one yet - Either we start cooking the moment we get there (time consuming but cheap) or else we order in Pizza (quick but expensive), and well, let’s just see how it goes from there on. The only thing I have planned is a trip into Stockholm one day for some sightseeing and stuff (Don’t worry, I hate sightseeing just as much as you do, but we need to get out and excercise a little - And there are a few shops well worth a visit, even to English-speaking people).

29th of July: Party’s declared over.

Expect to bring atleast ~$60 extra for food and bus tickets and stuff - I don’t expect you need half of it but it’s better to be safe than sorry, and you can always buy a souvenir or two (or a good Anime or two) for what’s left.

And now to the fun stuff… The “TODO” list:
[li]Anime (Escaflowne among many other things - And I will hopefully have a PC that runs DivX as well as a DVD, so DivX and DVDs are more than welcome).
[/li][li]SSBM/Mario Party 4 and other multiplayer GC games
[/li][li]Liero tourney
[/li][li]Bombermaze tourney
[/li][li]Board games
[/li][li]Card games
[/li][li]Extremely embarrassing party games (don’t worry - They’re great ego killers, nothing more;))
[/li][li]P&P Roleplaying
I’ll send out mail to everyone who will be coming about my Phone number and stuff like that. If you haven’t reported interest at the very latest one week before this happens, I will assume you are not coming, and therefore I will not send out my phone number to you. I may be paranoid but paranoia is in some cases very handy to have… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, comments? Got something you’d like to add to the TODO list? Did I forget you on the “guestlist”? Etc.

I think it’d be best if you put me on the maybe list for now.

I couldn’t arrange my working shifts to get even a two-dayer off, so I’ll have to pass, unless a MIRACLE enters the play, tapping all workshifts…

So sorry… ;_;

I could try snailmailing some stuff for the people to enjoy :confused:

Whaaaaaaaat?! OK, I’m just going to bury myself alive now. Is ANYONE from outside of Sweden coming?

As I said already, I’d love to, but I have no money, no approval, no means of getting to my local airport, and no knowledge of Wertigon.

That might significantly hinder my efforts…

now its down to Jing, Weiila and Poke and Jing doesn’t sound like she wants to go, which might cause problems with Weiila and I know that Z can’t make it because he has a personal commitment around that time I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about.

Sounds like fun. Makes me wish I could organize something for the New England area people.

Anyways, I hope you guys have fun. Sounds like a blast. Just don’t let X there or else there will be a blast. << >> j/k X


whumps Maba on the head for not coming


Whatever happened with the “planning ahead” stuff? >_<

No plan survives long durations of time, and as Sinistral said, I have a greater importance commitment that would require something greater to having my entire skeleton grinded to dust to prevent me from doing it.

Don’t worry, I can assure that Jing an’ me are coming :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Zero
No plan survives long durations of time, and as Sinistral said, I have a greater importance commitment that would require something greater to having my entire skeleton grinded to dust to prevent me from doing it.

Wrong. Many plans have survived long durations of time.

But what I mean by “planning ahead” is merely to make sure that you DON’T stand there two weeks away and find out “Whoops… Goddammit, I don’t have any money” or “Dammit, I have to work!”

Come on people, you knew atleast seven months ahead this meeting would be coming, you had the dates and everything. I mean, sure. I can understand things that lie out of your control happen. But I just wonder why it’s so damn impossible to make sure that you have vacation on those days? >_<

But oh well. It’ll still happen even if it just means me, Jing and Weii sitting around a table playing Mahjong or something… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll definately be there, but I suck at Mahjong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I might bring some of my anime then… (Slayers on DVD (I’m definately bringing this) and maybe some stuff on CD (which you can keep if you want, I’m getting rid of it anyway :p))

And it’s too bad that not more people are coming… :frowning:
Oh well… “Each one a goner means more for the rest” or something… :stuck_out_tongue:

You have much to learn about the people of RPGC and how things work Wert.

Of mice and men :stuck_out_tongue:

If you guys can, take pics.

Sin: I know how the world works, what I didn’t expect was the lack of common sense around here. But meh. Done is done, I hope y’all learned a good lesson…