200! Whoo!!

… anyway.
I’ve decided that I am going to shrine Harvest Moon GBC3, and have just started writing a bit this afternoon and last night. Still gathering general information, and am figuring what I want to have, and what not.
(Done -

  • Title screen)
    (Starting now -
  • Gathering general information, and figuring what & what not to do etc.)

If any zainy ideas I won’t think of pop to mind, feel free to PM me.

Just thought I’d let that out… ahhh.

Also, can anyone show me how to set a local file as the page’s BG?


Rrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaadddddd ttthhhheeee jjjooooiiinnnn ppppaaaaggggeeeee. Seriously. Anyway, the general notion is if it has something to do with the game, it should be in the shrine. So everything.

Download the templates, follow their instructions.

Seriously, read the join page. It tells you what to do, this isn’t where you’re supposed to ask this stuff.

If you’re so stupid that you can’t get this shit through your head then you’ll never finish a shrine thats good enough to be accepted.

No, no, no. I have read through the pages. (saved and kept), and have downloaded the templates, but found I have my own I like.
I mainly put this here so people can jabber whatever about it… the game that is, or shrining info.

And thankyou Epico, Cala, for being nice… -.–


I don’t believe you can use your own page and modify it. Trust me and just use the templates.

You don’t have a choice. You must use the templates. This ensures your shrine is stylistically identical to the others, and that its style can be changed instantly if we decide to do that.

Ah, sorry.
I’ll switch over to them then… I wasn’t aware.


Man, if ninten is the future of RPGC then I fear for it and my shrines.

Okay… so because of my in-experience, you persecute me?
Yes, and so Jango becomes a hypocrit… haha…


  • Hmm?

Do you know what a “hypocrit” is?

Just because Ninten writes that way doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to be bad at shrining.