20 Questions Super Thread

Rule #1: Questioners ask Yes-or-No questions

Rule #2: Answerer responds with a Yes or a No

[quote]The two exceptions to Rule #2
“I don’t know.”
“I can’t answer.”

Rule #3: Any question submitted to Answerer that is not in the form of a yes-or-no question will not be recognized as a question and will be ignored.

Rule #4: The first Questioner to guess the target will become the new Answerer

Rule #5: The object of the game is not to choose a target nobody will be able to get. In fact, if you choose a target that someone can’t guess within 20 Questions, you lose. And you will lose your avatar privilege for a whole month!

Rule #6: If the person that guesses the target has not made at least one guess to what the target is, that person does not get to choose the next target and become Answerer. Cuz that’s fucking bullshit.

Anyway, whoever is the first to guess the girls profession is the first Answerer. Until then, this is a placeholder. But they’re getting close so it should be soon.

Okay, so, I recently started a new semester at my college. And my statistics professor has a pretty hilarious name; he shares his last name with a video game character. WHAT IS IT?

  1. Is this character in a game from a Nintendo console?


  1. Is this character in a SNES game?


  1. Is this character in a series?


  1. Is this character exclusive to SNES?


  1. Did this character start out in platform games?


  1. Is it Mario?
  1. Has the character been in RPG games as well as platformers?

Sure isn’t.


  1. Is the character a human?


  1. Is it Kirby?


  1. Is this character in a N64 game?