2 + 2 =... Fish?!?!?!

Yes. My brother has said often that 2 +2 = Fish. He’s a crazy mofo.

He’s old enough to get a job (16), and I think he needs one: He’s actually gone and proved it with a rather twisted logic.

The proof:

Charlie, is my brother channeling you or something? I wanted to laugh and beat my head on the wall AT THE SAME TIME when another brother tried it.

He’s claiming genius. I’m claiming he needs professional help.

Who is right? You decide.



LIES! All lies… that’s a distorted picture you’re showing us!

ooooh, I get it :smiley:

No, the second 2 is actually turned on both vertical and horizontal axis, or something. so yeah, its not lies.

Eats fish

God damnit, stay still! I don’t care if you see a two eyed… FISH! GAH!

I’ve been enlightened :stuck_out_tongue:

My two youngest brothers are insane… Jason (the one who made that proof) moreso.

Some of the conversations we have would convince you to put us in a funny farm. is remembering the killer fart from hell conversation

Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun over there ^^;;

I like sushi and miso soup…

…Mmm… Numeral Sushi…

Dude, Your brother is frickin genius!

I figured you’d think so.

Tell us the truth, your brother is a Nobel-winning genius! If I only knew that whole lot math back then on algebra classes…

Looks rather like a bomb in horizontal position. Still, I like your brother’s cunning mind.

I think that this has been done before your brother. It seems familiar.

Nice logic… I see many career paths open for your brother. sadly, they’re all cracked, run down and caked in chewing gum, but nm :wink:

He got the idea from The Fairly Oddparents, and figured it out on the toilet. Geez.

Gemini: Whoa, momma!
Glenn: Very logical.
Joey: He claims to be a genius. Has he taken any IQ Tests?

He will get job, don’t worry. He will end up an artist. They always fail math and creative solutions to mathematical problems, most of them wait with the creative solutions until the problems get a little bit more difficult though.