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Nearly 2000 new posts since last time I checked on Friday or Thursday or whenever. This statement has nothing to do with the topic, it’s just been way longer than usual between visits for me so I decided to note that.

The title represents the three most recent Eagle Scouts from BSA Troop 72, the troop that has produced more Eagle Scouts than any other in the country. I myself am Eagle Scout number 146. I flew home this weekend to give a speech at the ceremony, because I’m just that good of a speaker (The scary thing is I’m not joking).
Ok, done bragging.

Now, for related discussion on the idiocy of the United Way (of Southeastern Pennsylvania, UWSEPA). I imagine many of you know that the national headquarters for the BSA made it a policy to expel “avowed homosexuals” from the scouting program. United Way, due to pressure from people and groups insulted by this descision, cut funding to Boy Scout programs.
The Cradle of Liberty Council (CLC) helps to fund a local chapter ofLearning for Life. In 2000, the UWSEPA met with CLC to make sure that the Learning for Life program met its non-discrimination policy, which it does. Besides which, the United Way does not provide any funding to the Boy Scouts (the CLC actually provides 1/3 of the funding for Learning for Life). UWSEPA was satisfied and maintained funding (Learning for Life chooses its own leaders and has no policy against homosexuals).

However, July 15, 2003, CLC again met with UWSEPA at the United Way’s request. While the same information was provided, UWSEPA cancelled funding to Learning for Life.

In closing, the Philadelphia International Airport sucks (this too is unrelated to the actual topic).

The BSA is run by ultra-conservative fuckers. That’s why the scouting program is going to hell in a handbasket. Good thing I got my Eagle and escaped; I just pray my brother makes it through.

Okay, I’m gonna go into dangerous territory and bring up a South Park episode here:

Big Gay Al used to be the local Scout Master, but was kicked out when the committee decided that an openly-gay Scout Master could possibly molest children, despite the fact that Al had never molested anyone, and was actually a very nice guy. They then bring in another Scout Master, who is active in the church, helps local charities like crazy, and seems to be the perfect non-molesting scoutmaster. The first thing he does at the meeting, when the parents are all gone, is make the kids strip down while he takes pictures of them to distribute on the net. When the kids try to get Al back, the parents are worried that they might pull it off, until they see that the “nice” scoutmaster they got was arrested on Child Pornography charges.

The moral of that long spoiler: don’t think a gay guy’s gonna have sex with all the men around him just because he’s gay. The straight ones can be even worse.

The scout program is not going to hell in a handbasket. Yes the leaders at the national level are making very stupid decisions, but before this gets out of control, I must point out that they do not speak for everyone. Unfortunately, they make the rules. So, please, do not just blindly attack the entire organization, the most important aspect of it is still to teach boys to become decent, morally upright citizens.

Conservationism leads to narrow-mindedness, and narrow-mindedness leads to prejudice. And it sucks.

The moral of that long spoiler: don’t think a gay guy’s gonna have sex with all the men around him just because he’s gay. The straight ones can be even worse.

You said it all. It’s a pity people still fail to see that.

I’ve gotta agree with Ren. People shouldn’t discriminate b/c of race, gender, religion, sexual orientaiton, or in any other category.

You’ve all missed the point. The point was that even though Learning for Life is not part of the BSA and has a completely non-discrimination policy in its hiring practices, the UWSEPA has ceased providing financial support.