15 more til 500

Oh crudmuffins. This’ll be … big …

theme of 2001: A Space Odyssey playing in background

That’s it, man. Game over, man! It’s game over!

Wow. It’s big enough to get Macc to post. o_o

What, you think there’s some kind of logical pattern to my actions now? Clearly I have been gone too long.

Well Macc, your list of user posts states the last one you made before these was in July.


There’s a lot of things I haven’t done since 2005. Your point?

Me? A point? ;D

Just saying that, yes, you’ve clearly been gone too long. :>

Sometimes, I think I may want to get to know you guys better on the net… Others… well, I’m scared as to what goes on in that collective mind of the RPGC/OL people. My mind is already messed up as it is!