Wind Waker kicks a lot of ass. Man this game’s good. Just finished the Dragon Roost and all I can say is “wow” at the amount of detail in this sucker.

So its the sequel to OoT and the prequel to Link’s Awakening from the looks of it. Nice.

The game is enjoyable from the start to the end, but as for myself, I wait to finish a game before giving it a note…

Too easy. =/

My favorite game of the current generation of consoles.

It gets tedious later in the game though. It’s as if they poured all of their quality into the beginning, to get you hooked :wink:

It’s noticably rushed though.

this thread has just motivated me to go finish the game…

I got it recently. Yes, it’s really, really good. There’s a LOT to do in it.

Meh, good yes. Hard no. But it isn’t the prequel of Link’s Awakening. Link’s Awakening is the continuation of the adventure in A Link to the past.

there are no boats in lttp. The boat from the opening of awakening is similar to the one here

<img src=“”> Picking it up tomorrow (if I can find it in the stores. Otherwise, Skies of Arcadia Legends). Looks neat.

i’ve always wanted to make a “timeline” of sorts in the approximate order of the games. It’s kind of doable since the games come in generations.

Liek each one has a main game, then a Gaiden.

Like OoT was the main game of that and the MM was the sidestory after that.

I wouldn’t know where the Oracle games would fit into it though.

Well the “official” Zelda timeline puts LttP and LA as the connected games. Miyamoto has said that each Zelda games go in pairs. The two NES are a pair, LttP and LA are a pair, Oot and MM, the Oracle as a pair and WW as a stand alone until the next game completes. Not to mention it is mentioned somewhere in LA that Link leaves Hyrule to train in case evil returns. If you’ve played through all of Wind Waker then you know that Hyrule is destroyed and that makes it impossible for LA and WW to be connected if you use the “official” storyline and LA’s backstory.

well, the spoiler in ori’s post explains the overabundance of water in WW…

[spoiler]Hyrule isn’t destroyed, only filled with water. Were the ewater to be removed, Hyrule would be just fine, minus a bunch of wooden buildings of course.

As for where LA fits in… LA fits in after LttP, after tWW, after OoT, and after the Oracle games all equally well. Myself, I generally put it after LttP, but there’s no real reason too.

As for boats… very weak evidence. Weak enough to be almost disregarded, IMHO.[/spoiler]

same thing, really.

The buildings really have little to do with whether or not Hyrule itself is still there. Well, from my point of veiw at least :wink:

If you’ve beaten WW you would KNOW that the King wishes for Hyrule to be destroyed. Therefore it is dead and gone, no use arguing that. And it can be said that Link’s Awakening comes after a Link to the Past because the LttP Link and the LA Link look the same. The WW Link does not.

The Kings exact words are something like “Wash away this land of Hyrule”.

Well i just figured that WW came directly after MM since Link goes to the alternate dimension in MM and you never find out if he goes back to Hyrule or not.