ZSNES help

I have ZNES, have had it for several years, played successfully on my home computer (win xp home). Recently put it on my laptop (win xp pro). It loads, and goes to fullscreen, but I cant see anything when it does. have to flip back to windows and kill it. And sugesstions for fixing this? Ive messed with a few of the settings, but nothing’s helped. Id really like to keep this emulator, so dont just start making posts ‘GET X-named EMULATOR!’


Try… not using fullscreen?

Also I am editing your thread title since it’s buttercupped.

I dont think you can. If I can, that option is in the program (and I cant see it, when Im on it, to change it).

And apologies, I just didnt want to get flamed for not reading the rules, when ppl cant bother to read a post before they pass judgement.

Now Ive got another error. Its saying “program too big to fit in memory”

Im assumeing this is with it being DOS, and the conversions of old memory vs new.
This shouldnt be a problem (this machine has 1GB of ram, and nothing is running right now. Plus Ive got the page file set for about 10 GB if its needed.

In your zsnes folder, zsnesw.cfg hosts all your, well, zsnes config stuff. Just edit the video mode to be one of the WIN options, instead of the FULL one.

Did that, still am getting the ‘too big to fit in memory’ error