ZSNES/DirectX/Bahamut Lagoon problems

Ok. I’m trying to play Bahamut Lagoon on my Zsnes emulator, with the latest version of Directx. I’ll play for a given time, say 10-20 minutes, then ZSnes will close. I thought it may be the game, cause I had the save state on disc, and it could have been messed up. so I deleted it, then redownloaded it. It kept doing it, so I redid ZSNES, the problem still occoured so I deleted Direct X, and got it again, but it still does it.

And the more I play the worse it gets… Like first it’ll wait 10-20 mins then crash, then if i reload it, it’ll only wait a few minutes, and so on untill it only plays for a minute at a time.

Can anyone help me here?

The problem is that the rom feeds data that DirectX can’t process. This is a problem with the rom, not DirectX. It may be fixed on the next version of Zsnes, but for the while, all I can say is that there is no workaround for it.

The last version of ZSnes I had handled it ok.

But I got Snes9X, and it works real good, and plays the rom, but if I speed up the frames to speed past the parts I played on ZSNES, my PC restarts.

The problem wasn’t just with the Zsnes/Bahamut Lagoon combination, it did the same with Arcana… I didn’t try anymore games, I just went ahead and got Snes9X, Problem solved.:moogle: