It takes a while to get interesting. Be warned that there is a lot of swearing.

Anything that takes a while to get intresting isn’t worth it.

Did you actually watch it, or do you just enjoy being a troll?

You’re an idiot. Go kill yourself.

That video was awsome.

be nice everyone.

…ate my neighbours.

It won’t load for me =(

Ah, that was a pretty fun little game.

Even more boring than zombies.

Won’t load for me either :frowning:

That’s crazy.

Were his friends in on the whole thing or do people in Britain, or wherever this is, trust each other so blindly they’d let some stranger wheel their friend away on a stretcher?


Might have been set up… how did they know to have exactly two chairs in the control room for his friends?

Yeah, but those guys weren’t expecting those kids to play the game. He was pretty excited that he got anyone at all.