Just a small fun game. Click on the screen to nuke a portion of the world, and try to stop the spread of the zombies before they take over the world. Post screenshots of your results if you’re not totally terrible like I am.

edit; 3616 humans, 0 zombies. Woo. :smiley:

Oh yeah, 0 zombies with only 243 dead!

This thing is impossible. a couple second, and green dots all over!

2 survivors, 3998 deads, 0 zombies. =(

1653 survivors, 0 zombies.


275 dead

What’s cool is that if there are a group of humans seperated from the zombies by a large section of grey, the zombies will start to burrow through the walls to get to the humans.

[STRIKE]80 Humans survivors, 3290 dead. This must mean I’m sorta good.[/STRIKE]

[STRIKE]3882[/STRIKE] 3894 Human Survivors, [STRIKE]118[/STRIKE] 106 dead. It’s really easy once you know how it works.

Blast the zombies as quickly you can before it spreads out?

3857 survivors then I too promptly killed all surviors. Not sure how people walk into nuked areas and survive though.


I was waiting for the game to start and then realized it did. 97 survivers. I ended up just quarantining a zone of people to save them… and let 90% of them die. >.>;


I took the Halo approach: To kill the flood, kill its food.

Saw this on SA already DERP!!!
Seriously though, I suck at that game.

8 humans, 3992 dead. I made it just like every zombie movie out there. As it should be.

Damn sexy zombies. :hahaha; :hahaha;

I let the zombies kill all the humans. Then I killed all the zombies. The world was destroyed, and I was happy.

1732 humans, 2268 dead. Before I realized that you could use both mouse buttons the zombies would swarm the humans and then die from lack of food.

Zero humans, zero zombies! MwoHoHoHo!