.ZIP files and making them

Where can I find a program that will compress some files into a .ZIP format? Anything else I should know before I try it?



Can you unzip files? Try doing it… backwards…

Uh, Winzip can make zip files also, chances are you already have it on your computer somewhere.

Do you use Winzip or Winrar? Both of those can make .ZIP archives. If you need to know how, I’ll help you out :smiley:

And Shin, you’re warned for rule 11.

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And Shin, you’re warned for rule 11.

Ha, in that case, Demi should be warned for rule 13. hahahaha, I kid.

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Thank you, but I already know about winzip and how it works. My question was where I could find such a program. As for already having the program preinstalled or some such, that would make sense since I can UNzip files, but running a search for “winzip” or even just “zip” produced no results of the program that is responsible for these actions. If it is at all relevant, I’m using Windows XP. (Hmm, just noticed what emoticon that is)

Just go to Yahoo! and search for Winzip. Last I checked, Wiinzip was free.


Can you right click your desktop, go down to New and find compressed(zipped) folder?

Yeah… Windows XP has built-in zip compatibility. Like GM said, go to any window, right-click, go to New, and click “Compressed (zipped) folder”. There’s your zip archive. 8p You can drag and drop stuff into it like a normal folder, but it’s actually a zip file. There’s some things you can’t do (like undo deletions), but the general interface is like plain old Windows.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> http://www.powerarchiver.com || excellent zip (and many more formats) utility. The only real problem is how it kinda sorta lags a bit when zipping up files that are multiple hundreds of MB large, but that might just be my computer.

The others already helped you enough. So I’ll just comment that when I read “Where can I find a program that will compress”, the first thing I thought would come after that was the word “time”. Therefore I found this more amusing than it was likely intended. Yes, that’s it, I thank you for your time.

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