Zero Tolerance = Zero Intelligence


Yeah, suspension isn’t going to make a difference. If they’re really worried, they should have her talk to a counselor. Of course, the whole policy is crap to begin with.

She looks sane enough…but looks can be decieving…

and her father, David Boim, said he would challenge the decision as a violation of "the right to think and feel.

The 1st Amendment has no place in public school.

I can see both sides of the story actually. Tee hee.

but seriously…that zero tolerance thing sound a bit…stupid, considering in my school we are encouraged to write powerful works of fiction, regardless of what it is. Whatever.


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She looks sane enough…but looks can be decieving…

Yeah really…but the thing that struck me as odd was that she didn’t even comment in the article…maybe they left a statement of hers out, but she didn’t seem to have anything important to say about what she wrote…

She’s kinda hot.

And this is fucking ridiculous. She wrote it in a fucking JOURNAL, it’s the equivalent of me writing, “goddamn I want to kill EVERYBODY but not right away first I want to gouge out their eyes with my long, long fingernails, sucking the blood from around the corners, then I want to pinch their neck hard enough so that blood first slowly starts spurting out and then faster and faster and little chunks of skin and flesh spurt out too and then tear into the rest of their face and watch streams of red, red blood flow down, down…” in my <a href=“”>deadjournal</a>, which I have written actually, or something like it, when I was feeling particularly nihilistic. I mean, dude, the point is it’s a personal journal. It’s not even like it was an assignment for SCHOOL! It’s like being judged by society on your private thoughts, your meaningless dreams, which is just WRONG. Not only is it wrong, it’s fucking ABSURD.

As for what she had to say? Whatever, dude. People write shit in their diaries because that’s how they feel THAT day - logbooks of personal thought are NOT places where what people write is based entirely in the world of reason and easily definable desires or definitions. Her art teacher must have been a total dickwad to report something in a…fuck. You just don’t DO that, you know? You can’t judge a person based on what they write in a moment of anger, cause we ALL have those, and we ALL have thoughts like, I wanna kill so and so. I mean goddamn. Pisses me off a bit, actually.

-Mazrim Taim

You’ll have to excuse my amusement at how you’ve changed, Maz.

But anyway, it is all bullshit from paranoid individuals that don’t know how to handle a reality which they try to deny or destroy by promoting ideals such as conformity and submission.

I’m still convinced that Maz has been abducted by aliens and this is his replacement.

But yeah, this is utter bullshit.

My mom once told me that this one time, some girl in some school somewhere said to a friend of hers “If he doesn’t ask me out soon, I’ll die.”, and someone overheard and put her on some whacked-out antidepressent suicide prevention therapy.

I dunno if it’s true or not, but I have no doubt in my mind that it could be. :thud:

<img src=“”> BAND

I guess I’m the only one here that actually thinks that you shouldn’t write stuff like that in you school jounal. If you feel like crap and want to write, wait until you get home. In these times, I feel that you can’t trust anything.

Hrm, for someone who’s seen how much schools can overreact (3 years in a row I had to dodge sendings to the psychologist due to actual schoolwork), this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

She probably only saw the “kill her math teacher” part.

If the story is what they say it is, the situation should be over soon.

Administration’s moronic though.

Why is it that the people that tell kids to use common sense don’t actually have any themselves?

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She’s kinda hot.

What he said ^-^

Man, if people got expelled for writing shit like that, me and all my friends would have been long gone. Hell, my friend even turned in a bunch of his for the freewrites we had to do.

Yeah she’s pretty damn hot. I also see both sides of the story. I would probably say get rid of the suspension, but definately take her to a counselor or something of that sort.

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I guess I’m the only one here that actually thinks that you shouldn’t write stuff like that in you school jounal. If you feel like crap and want to write, wait until you get home. In these times, I feel that you can’t trust anything.

Yea, I agree, except that it isn’t a school journal, it was a personal journal, one that she carried around with her.

I think I’ve actually met this girl, because I’ve heard of her through the grapevine. I have friends that go to Roswell High, and I think I met her at a football game or a party or something. But yea, I think it’s pretty fucking stupid. Georgia has had a problem with overzealously enforcing the Zero Tolerance policy in the past, and I thought we had finally gotten over it, but no.

This is just nuts. I dream about killing teachers all the time, but I don’t act on it. She’s probably the same way.

You know, it’d be pretty damn funny if that girl moved to another school and became a very sucessful author later on. :ah-ha!:

So. If I write a story about stealing, I would be arrested?

Not only is this silly, but it’s a violation of several principles we base the modern day democracy upon. Not that democracy really exist.

Sorc, I thought we got over it when there was that kid about 5 years ago that wrote a short story for a school assignment about him and some friend getting high off of freon (yep) then shooting up their school. I read a copy of the story when the story got on the news. It was horribly written, full of grammar and spelling mistakes, and plot hole ridden (the guy he got high off of freon with, Bob for now, was originally a guy he and some other friend, Joe, were waiting for, but then suddenly he and Bob were using the freon and they were waiting for Joe). It got a 100.

Heh, when I was a kid I used to draw cartoons about my friends and I killing our teacher. Well you couldn’t really tell it was my teacher since she had tentacles and such, but you get the idea. :hahaha;