Zergling Minor

Who is this guy? I remember someone mentioning a story about him a long time ago. He keeps PMing me



get the fuck out

that man is a fucking beast.

<img src=“http://www.dongdad.com/sa/ack3.jpg”>

is he actually PMing you on SA or what?
he’s actually a really nice guy :confused:

edit: at least from what i’ve seen.

He made an account and is PMing me on RPGC!

And Steve why did you post a picture of me (on the right)?

lanyx you’re kinda stupid

Yeah sorry I haven’t shaved in a couple days

And if it were up to me I’d probably get a haircut

Ramza!!! :kissy: :kissy:

That’s a big guy.

Hey Ramza! If that is really you on the shot, man, you got the frame to play pro football, or maybe wrestling.
Looking good.

Hopefully he wont have a heart attack before he’s 30.

Yeah I’ve been hoping that myself

SUP dev. I’m in the mood to please myself

Dude Seifer I beat people up over the internet for a living

guys that’s not ramza


Yeah I was kind of hoping he’d see this thread.

And send me another PM.

In soviet Russia Living a for internet the over up <b><u>YOU</u></b> beat I, Seifer Dude!!!

Yoda and Soviet Rusia jokes don’t mix very well…