Zelda:Wind Waker and the L button

Long story short: The postman has stricken a deal with my dog to provide him with the finest Gamecube controllers. The dog ate the L button, saved and quit.

I’ll get another controller but in the meantime, how important is “Z (L) triggering” for WW? Can I play it or is it an exercise in frustration? I don’t mind battling without locking if that’s the only problem.

Its been awhile so I’m a little rusty on the subject, but if I recall correctly you may’ve needed it for locking mutiple targets with the boomerang which is a feature that you’ll need for one of the later boss battles. But I can’t remember if you held down the item button you set the boomerang to or if it was the L-shoulder button.

In the event that you can’t use the boomerang’s multi-lock it shouldn’t raise too much of an issue anyway unless you’re near the end of the game.

The boomerang doesn’t require the ‘L’ button, if I recall correctly.

Thanks for the info.