Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Has anyone else picked this up yet? I got it on Tuesday even though I was at least a little skeptical about using the stylus alone as an interface…

I love love love this game! I’m a little stuck right now in one of the temples, but I’m still enjoying myself. Using only the stylus still feels just a little odd to me, but that’s because I really don’t use it when I can use the buttons instead. It’s funny that this is my first game where I’ve actually used the microphone. Also, I’m a big fan of the graphics - it’s in the style of Wind Waker, and even if someone happened not to be a fan of it on Gamecube I think that they might give the style another shot on the DS… to me, it just feels right somehow. Don’t laugh too much.


I’m loving it. Some of the microphone moments kinda got problematic (A shop guy makes your price depending on how loud to want the item) which makes my usual bus playing slightly hampered, but as soon as I got off the bus, you better believe he charged 300 rupees and not 1000+.

I like it so far, it’s fun, I don’t hate the boat with the fury of 1000 suns, and the multiplayer rocks. Although my coworkers hate me because I’m too good at micromanaging when you play as eeeevil phantom guards.

I’m totally getting this eventually, though one gripe about the game I’ve seen has stood out (to me, anyway). I hear the music is really, really lackluster. Like, even that every dungeon shares the same BGM with no variety (something not seen/heard in a Zelda game since, what, Link to the Past?).

It’s not gonna stop me from getting it, but it’s a shame if true.

Eerrr where have you been? There hasn’t been any good music in Zelda in ages. The last Zelda that had music I genuinely liked was LTTP.

I dunno, I liked some of the tunes in Minish Cap (even though the GBA’s sound chip was ass) but it’s really more the lack of variety I’m concerned about. But I guess I’ll see for myself.

Seems like I’m buying a DS before 19Oct. Hm, black or white for the fingerprints; both seem equally bad. Slot1 for emulation/homebrews?

Sad to say but ALTTP still has the default Zelda music for me. LA and OoT had some good tunes but there’ve mostly been plenty of rearrangements since (WW=OCRemix :P).

I came, I saw, I kicked it’s BUTT!!!

Anyway, I have to agree that the interface (given current standards) works surprisingly well. The only real trouble I had with the game after getting used to it was that rolling non-sense. (the best solution I could find is to try drawing circles clockwise instead of counter-clockwise or to ignore it after it becomes completely unnecessary)

There are other things that I both liked and disliked but before I say anything I’m gonna have to wrap some spoiler tags around it.

[SPOILER]Once again I find the boss fights to be enjoyable and impressive. Namely I was most impressed by the lack (not total lack though) of contrived DS gimmicks like drawing a symbol or shouting in the mic (the rest of the game have enough of those things anyways).

The dungeons however weren’t as impressive the bosses. After starting the second leg of the quest you can tackle any of the three remaining dungeons in any order. And while I appreciate the ability to choose which dungeon I want to go to it also means that the items for each of these dungeons are going to see the best uses for within them only.

Which is a shame since most of the items have at least one cool new feature. (even the shovel which gains the ability to bury things) And though there are only seven items in this game (plus two potions of your choice) none of them are as useless as the Rod of Domination was in TP. Although, I will admit that the shield in this game is unnecessary making this the first, and currently, the only Zelda game to not require you to have a shield at all. (and only a real Man of the Sea would play without a shield anyways)

And speaking of which I would like to nominate Linebeck for the win. Not only for his dialog between Link and Ceila but also for getting chased around the four seas by a pirate who’s crazier than she looks. (and she looks pretty damn freaky) There’s one more reason but I’ll wait to spoil that for another day.[/SPOILER]

Randomly, the lowest the shopkeeper can give you is about 200 rupees.

But man, you have to BANSHEE SHRIEK in the mic to get that low.

I managed to get 200 rupees… but the bad thing was that I was at this point in the game very late at night. I was all “What, I have to shout? Oh noes!”

Huh! I could only get it down to 300 myself.

Currently my best time for my run through the Temple of the Ocean King (who is also known as Doom) is 22:50 out of 25 mins. I at least got the time it took to reach the mid-point down to 0:00.

I would post my friend code but I somehow can’t seem to get my WiFi working right now. I’ll edit this post later once I get it back up again.

I just started it, but I’m enjoying it so far. It is refreshing after the disappointment that was Twilight Princess. I like actually being able to explore again and look for things.

As for Zelda music, I found the boat theme in Wind Waker nice and Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask had some nice themes.

Okay I’m back on the air.

My Friend Code is 0215-8784-3255

and yeah I said I would just edit my last post I figured I could just bump instead, also a spare Gold Cannon for anyone who wants one. (limited quantities i.e. 1 on a first come first serve basis, though don’t let it discourage you from trading FC’s)

I don’t know why everyone’s having trouble with getting the item down to 200 Rupees. Just blow strongly into the Mic, that’s what I did (and for the other part where you had to ‘shout’ something into it). It’s not like the game’s advanced enough to differentiate between words and noise, it’s just detecting whether the mic is picking up something loud. I just blew into it as fiercely as I could and got it down to 200 first shot.

Maybe it’s a bit of a cop-out, but it works.