Zelda OoT 2D

I don’t know if anyone’s shown this before, but I thought it was intresting…I’m really looking forward to version 4.0!


The Downloads aren’t great, but check out the screenshots! A LOT of potentional! (No emulator required to play, these are .exe files conpressed in the .zip files, not ROMs.)

What’s everyone think?

i don’t think it’ll happen. Do you realize he was supposed to finish that new demo last september.

No, I didn’t know that. I also have no clue how you can tell, but I still think it may happen. Look at the news: it was last updated yesterday. Not even Nintendo pulls things off on schedule.

I posted this a loooooong time ago. And the demo will be finished, he’s very close to completing it now. Of course I don’t believe it because he’s delayed it 4 times. But when it comes out it’ll be ma-fucking sweet.

Yeah, pretty much everybody knows about this by now :stuck_out_tongue: Still cool, though.

Yep … once he’s actually DONE, I’m definitely gonna get this.