zelda, link to the past help!!

Hey, what do the dock things on the water do, and how do you use them?
Also, I have goten the pendant of courage, but I can’t find how to get the others!! please help me!!!

When you buy the Flippers from Zora, you can swim by jumping off one.

To get the next pendant, you need to go to the Desert Palace. To do so, first talk to Sarashala near the Eastern Palace (where you get the first Pendant) to get the Pegasus Boots. Now go to the library just south of Kakariko and dash into the bookshelf with the green book on top to get it. Head to the desert and use the Book in front of the altar. The statues will move and you can enter to get the second Pendant.

To get the third, you’ll need the Power Glove from the Desert Palace. When you have it, just climb up Death Mountain and you’ll find the Tower of Hera at the top. The third Pendant is inside.