Ze answers...

Ze answers, I know I have them somewhere… Anyway, on with 'em!

What is your favorite food.

Will you adopt me?


Ask and you shall not recieve.

…If You think Question Threads are Cursed…why did you do one?

A) Bored. B) Bored. C) You people know, like, nothing about me.

At what age did you get your first RPG?

Uhhhhh… My first one was FFI… I was pretty young, I don’t remember. Although I did beat it in a week. ^.^

Have you ever considered getting implants?

No need.

How dis you get in to M:TG and RPGs?

Magic was from a friend of mine… RPGs started with a birthday present of FFI.

If I followed you home, would you keep me?

Do you bite?

What was your greatest achievement?

No clue… Probably’ll be gettin’ my shrines done.

Cala, what’s your opinion of Vicki’s looks?

Pic? I dunno what Vicki looks like.

Did you ever have the feeling you were being watched?

Stop looking over my shoulder.

What colour(s) do you think look best on you (i.e. clothes)? Why?

Bah. Clothes. I just get stuff I like ‘n’ throw it on; if it doesn’t go together, I try again.

What is your honest opinion of me?

I honestly think you’re a pretty cool person… You’re funny ‘n’ nice, for starters. I could ramble on, but for our sanities, I won’t. But I honestly do like you.

What do you think of me as an overall person?

Well, Mr. Cynical Optimist, I think you’re also a pretty cool person… I wouldn’t say you’re as funny as Val (you do have your moments), but you’re a deep person. I remember when we first talked, too, which is pretty rare with me.

If one’s possible intuition was logical, would that subject be rational, irrational or neither?

I choose option D) Down with panties.

If you suddenly went completely bald, what would you have for dinner?


So you’re basically saying that you’re a very expensive prostitute?

So you’re saying your image that does not work is s’posed to be cute?

Whats up with your title?

Property of Zero? Zero (duh) changed it to that when I couldn’t think of a custom title. He and Steve are my husbands. Yay for polygamy.

You know what I’m after Cala ^_~

Get through Steve and Zero, if you can.

What inner demons do you most see affecting other people?

Too much personal criticism.

What’s the coolest question you’ve seen asked on a question thread?

I plead the fifth.

Are you happy?

Yea, happy enough. Sure, my life could be better (I could be rich, y’know), but it could be a lot worse. I’m plenty content.

Now that Steve and Zero are yours, will you eat their souls?

I never ate souls; I stole them.

If you prefer woman, why do you bother teasing men?

Val said it: Easier. :slight_smile:

This has probably been asked before but why do you have the obsession of stealing souls and what use do you get out of them?

I don’t know where and when it started, but it was something I just did. I never used them for anything except to look purdy.

Who on the board do you find most annoying?

pikapika. I say no more.

If you have more questions, ask 'em here. Comments also welcomed.

Woo, the answers came!:smiley:

Geuss I have another one. What do you think of me?

Whee, you like me! :smiley:

"Who on the board do you find most annoying?
pikapika. I say no more. "

That is one of the greatest truths I have ever heard.

Originally posted by Cala
So you’re saying your image that does not work is s’posed to be cute?

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> What broken image? You make no sense gurl. And I never said that.

It’s still broken for me, and I refuse to refresh my browser and update my cache :stuck_out_tongue:

Just like Frame, I got a new question too.

What would you have answered if I had said I don’t bite in the former quaestion thread?

I’m deep? O-o

Okay. If you think so. WHEE!

I dare to ask this but since it’s the first time I saw it and that person didn’t get torn apart: Even though I don’t know you too well, what do you think of me?

Can’t we temporarily remove the fifth on that one?
If it’s not decent or something, what’s the coolest one that you can tell us about?

I didn’t know you bit people (note to self: get a muzzle for Ren)… Just an ecxuse not to. :slight_smile:

And I pled the fifth 'cause I have no clue.