This just started on Cartoon Network. I have two questions. What do you think of it, and are the incantations the same one used in the .hack show and games?

i like it. I think its cool, but the only thing i didnt really like about it was that the voice of Jimmy Neutron is the voice of Zatch. I’m not so sure about the .hack stuff, but i think its kinda cool(also i dont like what he wears, i mean, come on a poncho that looks like a dress with a bow, thats gay.)

I have been watching it, and I think it’s one of the goofiest takes on the whole “collect something/level it up/use it to fight” Animes that Pokemon started. But I LIKE it so far. The main characters are developing a (reluctant) older brother/kid brother relationship, I don’t see those often in Anime. I like the characters, especially Kio, who must feel like the only rational guy in the world. ^^

About the incantations, I dunno, haven’t seen .Hack yet.

I saw my first episode today and it was ok. I think Zatches voice is annoying. But the shows looks ok…for only watching one episode.

I’ve been watching it, I like the show. Everytime I hear it I think Jimmy Neutron is on. Don’t know why they used his voice. I like Kio and the girl that always hangs around him. Haven’t seen .Hack so I have no clue about the attacks.

Reminds me of the Dollmaster class in Ogre Battle

it kinda goofy in a way.Im trying to force myself to watch it.It seems to have potential but everytime it has a chance to prove itself it ends up being childish.

The show’s animation makes me want to fucking CRY.

i love the whole thing of lighting coming out of his mouth. its kinda cool.

I saw the episodes I missed, there’s a storyline and a mini mystery! More interesting and entertaining for me ^^

really, well then. I love the idea of the different elements those little dudes are, like air, lighting, dark, ice, fire. I like the element animes. But i still love trigun. LOVE AND PEACE!!!
lol. Trigun will always be in my heart, It will always be my number one anime. Vash and Wolfwood, they are so awesome.

I’ve taped the episodes and I’m not sure if I want to keep watching it. It’s really cliched. But it has a 9 on animenfo

Zatch is a weirder name than Gash

Gash??? Help me out here.

It was called Kanjiki no Gash Bell in Japan

oh ok, thanks i had no clue. I like the english ones , so im not as confused

Dear Jesus I hate Zatch bell, I can’t stand to sit through more than 5 minutes of it when I actually do manage to see it.

I don’t like it. It’s so mediocre.

It’s so corny and oddly animated that I can’t help but like it. :smiley:

I love it. It has a great sense of humor.