Yunabug needs some help ^^;

I’m currently working on a Ruby cosplay from Final Fantasy IX. After looking at so many refernce pictures, I was under the assumption that her hair is light blueish green, and she has a brown bonnet on. But, after looking at other people’s Ruby costumes, I’ve seen brown hair with a blue head dress. Which is it? I’ve studied the refernce images very closely, and it looks only logical that she has blue hair and a brown headdress, because of the layering of the two.

Thank for your time and help ^^

:moogle: Yunabug

hope it helps just click on ruby for a pic

Always looked like blue hair to me.

I have that pic ^^ Thank anyways <3
Yeah, It’s always looked like blue hair to me too! Guess I’ll just do that! At least I’ll be an original amoungst all the other Ruby cosplayers! Thank you very much for your help ^^ It’s good to see that even though I’m a newbie on here, that people are still kind ^^

Everyone has to be new sometime.Welcome to the forum. Glad I could help.:moogle:

Thank you! huggles

You’re fairly unique in being a newbie who’s a) polite, b) can spell, and c) does not immediately start fifteen threads that all sound like “WHATS UR FAVORITE FF”. Why wouldn’t we be kind? 8p

And by the way, for those who keep forgetting that there’s a site attached to this forum:

She’s definitely got bluish hair with a brown or grey bonnet.

Cid you should put a sticky at the top of the forum or something saying “FFC: LINK HERE”.

Also it looks more Turquoise to me.

Turquoise is bluish. Note the “ish”.

Yeah well my post is more technically correct. >:(

Oops, I go on the compendium everyday. you would think i’d remember to check there for pics.:noway:

I got my reference pics from the Compendium ^^ I even gave them credit on my cosplaylab. I just wasn’t sure, after seeing other cosplays of her, if that was her hair or a hair ornament.
Oh, and thank you ^^ I try my hardest to be as polite as I can be ^^ And to spell correctly.

i’m pretty new so i try to be polite as well…and spell good but my spelling is naturally awful so i make mistakes.

For those who are interested, here’s my Ruby work in progress ^^
I still need to make the skirt, get white panty hose, a white garter, a wig and make the bonnet ^^ Than I’ll be all done!

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