Ys3 was remade for PC

It is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Its also 6 gigs big and demands juice comparable to doom 3 from your computer. But it is so.fucking.cool. creams his pants If only there was a US version so I could understand the bloody dialog. Does anyone know how it compares to Ys 6?

Woah, seriously? Can you take some screenshots? I’d not even heard of this :OO

Yeah, that’s quite interesting.
I wanna know if it’s bad coding that does the power-mongering or if the power’s actually needed.

The game sucks up juice like a brazillian prostitute.

So, how long have you been waiting to use that one?

Anyway, the subject matter of the thread has piqued my curiousity. More please.

I have it, yet I can’t get it to work again for a strange reason: I am left to believe the gods of gaming hath forsaken me.

Which only means I’ll transfer it to the living room PC and play on the TV. Hoohah!

It works on a tweaked Ys6 engine, and pwns hardcore.

GIMME GIMME GIMME! drools like a maniac

I use it quite frequently. The expression, not the prostitute of course. Unfortunately. But to give you an idea, it makes my laptop rush on a level comparable to WoW and Doom 3. This thing REALLY needs ressources.

The game’s graphics are 3D, with no rotatable camera, but the graphics are top notch. The gameplay is simple, fast and innovative, you really don’t need to try hard to understand the conrols. Its hack and slash with the normal monsters, but at a furious pace that is really engaging. Enemies drop temporary power ups as you go, further enhancing the carnage. The soundtrack is one of the best you will find in any game. Falcom JDK outdid themselves and more. Its rocking electric guitars, mixed with techno and very real sounding classical, often mixed together in a very ubeat fashion. Think a little bit like Legend of Mana, but with a different composer’s different style. Actually, think of it really as a bit like Legend of Mana in terms of the action and the pace and the simplicity of the gameplay. Its not as developed in the ways of like extra things you can do like build your own weapons, armor and pets and all that, you don’t get techniques that you do combos for super attacks, at least def not to the same degree. But it is very much a 3D-ified pseudo sidescroller with plenty of action with good music and very nice graphics. The music is so amazing you actually want to stop playing sometimes and it fits perfectly with the pace of the gameplay and it doesn’t clash with the context of the game. The game has different difficulty levels on top of it and even then , esp the boss fights which are long and require strategy, it can be challenging.

The game is good if only for its simplicity and the execution. It is simply very very fun.

Edit : another comparison I can make is that the game is similar to crystalis conceptually. So if you mix Crystalis with Legend of Mana, make it go really fast and make the music really rock-techno-ey with 3D graphics, you got Ys3’s remake.

A normal encounter can take from 5 to 15 seconds, LESS if you’re underleveled and poorly geared (CHAAAAR-pwned x_x)

Boss battles on the other hand are a matter of several minutes, requiring Excellent tactics and the nimble fingers to execute them. The first mage boss? Totally overhauled, he now teleports, shields himself, throws lightning swords and other fancy shit. The dragon in the volcano? They found a way to make him HARDER.

This is not your father’s Ys3. This is what separates the console kiddies and a real determined gamer. And with the kicking of ass music in the background, you’re driven quite well to smite evil hardcore.

The magic system is also v. cool.

Yeah, any places I could get ahold of this?

My source is classified. I can however share this: It’s a partially translated segment of the tutorial stuff, although I need to bug the person to finish it.

It gives an idea of how it looks n shit.

Go Adol! For great justice!

How long ago was this made? Any chance of an english version?
Edit: Scrath that, checked GameFAQs. No english version listed. :frowning:

You mean they made the remake HARDER? That’s insane

Can you actually beat this game?

I take it that you guys are referring to Oath in Felghana. There’s still a chance that the PS2 version of Oath may come to America, just like the PS2 version of Ark did. I’m curious, though, as to who will publish the PS2 version; Konami make Ys6 for PS2, but Taito has been doing the remakes of 3-5 for PS2 (and Digicube did Ys Eternal for PS2).

I shall now proceed to harass Zero into sending the ISOs so I can go cry tears of blood about my failure as a gamer.

JSYK , its 6 gigs.

And Basara, the game has 5 difficulty modes: Very easy, easy, normal, then you can unlock hard and nightmare. Think about HARD and NIGHTMARE. Heh.


SIX modes.

They added Infernal, or something like that. The person that procured me the ISO apparently cries tears of blood because of it.

Ok, nevermind then. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Just search ys on isohunt, its the first match. >>;;