You've really got to hate Tryhards...

Honestly! They get rejected, and they come back! Hello? Get the message, will you? Like some people around here I’ve heard about. They aren’t respected, so they re-join as someone else, and really tick everyone else off once they find out, and they end up hurting themselves.

Say it with me: T-R-Y-H-A-R-D-S!!! :hyperven:

The thing is, they can try all they want. We just don’t care.

Whochu talkin about anyway? The phenomenon is quite known coughcoughalwyncough but it sounds you got someone in mind.

If they’ll end up just hurting themselves, then we shouldn’t care but rather just sit and watch.

Uh … what are the “tryhards” exactly?

Nice GG where are you getting these pics??

Originally posted by RamzaTheSquire
Nice GG where are you getting these pics??

If you look real close at the pic, you can see the name of a site.

Tyrhrads. Uh-oh, guess I can’t say it with you. What are you talking about anyway? For as coherent as it is, it doesn’t really mean anything (to me at least).

Wannabees are everywhere.

Originally posted by Sinistral
Wannabees are everywhere.

Thanks for making me feel paranoid, Sin.

This isn’t exactly a new concept. And I quote Pierson, who cares?

As I always tell myself, I just don’t care.

And besides, if idiots want to hurt themselves, as long as they stay out of our way, forget 'em.

Aaliyah, should we never give the person a chance to change, then? :stuck_out_tongue: You know, people do change. Maybe not all of them, but there are a lot of people here who used to be not so nice, that have changed for the better. THere have been some that have changed their character, maybe, “IRL”, long ago too. I used to be a huge jerk when I was younger, but you take notice of such things and try to fix them. People that won’t give someone a chance to reform aren’t exactly any better. That’s why we have things like parole, and probation. It’s possible to change. Don’t hold grudges, don’t shun people because they failed in the past, necesarily.

Let’s all hate people who persevere.

Shankin’, I never said I didn’t want to give them another chance. I am not the type to hild a grudge (unless someone tried to kill me, of course…THEN I would hold a grudge), it’s just that sometimes it will piss me off for a while.

Yes, I did have someone in mind…someone at my school who acts like an Aaron Carter wanabee. What with the blond hair and singing his stupid songs over and over, and…arrrrrrrrrgh!!

You’ve just joined and already you’re bitching about people who have two online personas on a message board? Why are you even sweating it?

Pfft! Don’t ask me, I just blurt things out without thinking dependent on my mood. Call me crazy, for all I care.

…I’m crazy, trust me…

You’re crazy.