You're wish is granted.

Yes, you’re welcome.

AHHH I FUCKINGLOVE YOU!! This is going to be SWEET

IT’S YOUR!!!11111111111111

On another note…sweeet.

oh man that’s awesome!

I messed up both you’re/your s, but they are fixed now. I had them switched.

Welcome for what? I already knew!

And yes, Capcom is showing another example of how they’re still the king of whoring out their franchises until they can’t be whored out any more.

Oh my…oh my! This makes my day!

Oh, now that I think about it, I remember there are a couple of reasons I do kind of like the idea of this compilation…

First of all is the inclusion of Megaman Battle & Chase. If I buy the game, it’ll mostly be for this game.

And this compilation should lower the prices of Megaman X2 and X3 on the SNES to somewhat-reasonable levels (or at least more reasonable than they are now).

Why don’t you grant MY wish and get Castlevania DS released already? Huh? You damned favouritist!

I think I can die happy after obtaining this…

Well it’s about time they did this,I’m kind of tired of playing MMX in emulators.

SW33T!! :biggrin:

Seriously. This is going to rock, playing on a keyboard sucked so much ass.

Bleh. I’m not a fan of the Megaman series; but I like collecting well, collections of games. So uh, I want it.

Pffh, Setz, screw Megaman! Megaman X kicks ass. Megaman is just run around really slowly and shoot floating smily faces.

I meant the whole series. Megaman, Megaman X, to someone like me, it’s all the same.


now all I need is a release date, and then Make a huge note on when it’s coming, I hope they give us more info at E3…god I can’t wait.

Lets just all hope it doenst run into the same problems as the Mega Man collection >.>;

why do you want to get it if you don’t like Megaman? that would be a waste of money that you could be spending on hookers or something.

Maybe after buying the game, I’ll be forced into liking Megaman.