You're older than you've ever been...

and now you’re even older. And now you’re older still.

So I’m leaving in about 20 minutes to go see two of my good friends from high school getting married. Ironically, two of my other friends from high school got married earlier today (though I didn’t attend). Another couple I knew in high school is getting married next month. One couple that I knew in high school was married last year, and now have a 9 month old baby. My brother has been married for 4 years, and has two kids. My sister has been married for 9 years, and is 30 this year.

I suddenly started feeling a lot older today. I’ve been feeling a bit older ever since I graduated high school, but it all hit me today. I’m old enough that I could have kids, or be married, or have gasp a real career or family life. It’s just kind of screwing me up. I know not too many of you here are exactly my age (some of you are close, plus or minus a year or two), but I was just hoping that someone would relate to this.

all my friends, well my older friends are all graduated, some married, some with kids, and the majority of them having big jobs, good paying ones. Ive seen only 3 of my friends weddings, and you are right, u do start to feel older, i mean, im only 15, but i feel like im 30 somtimes. Normally, i feel like a teen, but when my friends tell me the wife is due for their 3rd kid, i tell ya, u feel old, especially when they let u hold the kid.

Mrs. Saturn X)

Wish I WAS older…

ya, but when you become older, then you wish you were younger. Its a never ending circle, well actually, until you die, then you…well you know

Thank you so much, I myself was feeling like my life was ending with getting into college, having to choose a career and stuff. I’m not being ironic, this actually made feel a bit better.

Back to you, I’d say you’re safe. 22 seems a bit young to be married anyway.

I think I’m a little young to be married too, but I keep thinking, if I don’t get married soon, then I wouldn’t have any happy married time before I had to have kids, if I plan on doing so, or I’d be too old as they grew up. That’s a weird concern to have.

Don’t sweat it Sat. I’ll be 22 in October and I must say it scares me a little bit. I just had my first professional interview yesterday and I think it went really well. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be M & T Bank’s newest Database & Reports Specialist.

Yeah, you know you’re old when you have to scramble to find a job just for the health insurance.

Why do you feel the need to get married and then have kids, is it something you would really want later on in life? Or is it as it seemed in your first post just cultural pressure?

Yeah 22 is young to be getting married and having kids, say about 25 to 30 is maybe decent age to do so if one wants to, IMO.

Gunsmoke, I have to say this before Sat does: Press Your Luck rules!!!

Anyway, I think 20 is way too young to be married as well. I wouldn’t worry about it so much as the right girl will enter your life when you least expect it.

Woah, this does make me feel old, but I can’t relate to any of that. So many people getting married just seems weird to me. :stuck_out_tongue: Almost no one gets married here. None of my friends have the same boyfriend/girlfriend they had in high school anyway. I knew a couple who got married right after high school, but I have no clue what happened to them afterwards. Ehh ok, I have a cousin I’ve only talked to once in my life who’ll get married in a month, but that’s all.

This is approximately what I wanted to ask too.

You’re making me feel all old and stuff. :thud:

Seriously though… I think about that. I’ve passed the quarter-century mark, and I’m still single. I hope to have a non-rushed relationship that leads to marriage, and I hope to have some time to enjoy being married before considering having children. I’d also like to have reached a higher, happier state with my career before having children; when that happens, I’m most likely going to stay home until everyone’s in school and then only work part-time. I’m not ready for that, but the longer I’d wait to have children the harder it’s going to be, and the older I’ll be when they end up (insert milestone here). I don’t want to be on nonexistent Social Security when my kids are in college! On one hand, it feels weird to think that way, but on the other hand I don’t think so.

It’s life. It happens. It doesn’t last forever.

You people are cruel ;.;

I’m 27 and have yet to do anything significant ><

The way things are going, I’ll be single for a long while and become workaholic as an excuse to be kept busy <.<

I’m planning to get married at 27~ :cool:
But before that, I need to find a friggin’ full-time job.

You’re not old until they put Nintendos in museums under stoneage and you get invited to reunions with people you haven’t seen in five-ten years and you actually go – we’re two who feel old.

On my end, I’m 22, I just graduated from college in december always having a position of authority where people thought I was a grad student thanks to teaching and research, I’ve consistently had young girlfriends, and spent most of my time teaching kids that were in the same age group as said GFs. On top of it, I’m entering med school for the start of my MD PhD this august and that program will take about 7-8 years. That’s BEFORE I have to do a specialty and a post doc, which’ll take like another 6 years. So by the time I’m done getting my education and training and degrees, I’ll be like… 36.

Sat: You’re barely STARTING to live your life. You’re just feeling the social pressure because so many people you know are getting married so soon.

Well, nearly all my friends and relatives got married years ago. And guess what? Those who aren’t divorced, are trapped in unhappy relationships. Do you wonder why I’m unmarried?

The fact is, we’re all TOLD what we need to have to live a “successful” life. We ‘MUST’ have careers, find love, and marry, and have kids, and have a lot of money, etc. etc. But is all that REALLY necessary to have a happy life?

I used to think so, too. And I was depressed about it for a while, too. But then I realized that EACH one of us is different, and each of us can only be happy in our own way.

MAYBE having a family of our own would make us happy. Or having a lot of money. But maybe it won’t. Love? It’s real, and it’s the most wonderful thing in the World, but like everything else in Life, it’s completely unpredictable. And let me tell you, NEVER marry unless it’s for love. Don’t marry because you feel pressured to, or old, or you want to get away from your family. You’lll be sorry later.

I’m 39, unmarried, unemployed and epileptic. And you know what? I’ve never felt better in my life. No shit. Why? Because, after feeling sorry for myself for SO long, I finally figured how lucky I’m just to exist in the first place, and having lived so long, and having the things I DO have, like children that I’m helping raise as if they were my own. It sounds trite, but it’s true: it’s all in our attitude. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I haven’t given up on love yet, either. People far older than me HAVE found true love. So, if it comes, you bet I’ll be ready! ^_~

I too have begun to feel similarly, but I still try my best to think positively, especially since I am proceeding in the career direction in which I want to go quite well. Like Sinistral, I am going to begin graduate school (my career goal is to become a professor and teach mediaeval history and/or literature and linguistics), and so I have already come a good way, though I still have a number of years before I reach a doctorate.

I have often felt like everyone my age is dating and I am not: indeed, it has been a number of years since I have had a girlfriend, although I realise that shyness, depression, and concentration on other more important matters were the reasons. I believe that I will be able to have a girlfriend again soon: once I remove to Victoria and live with others about my age, I shall most likely begin searching a little harder.

I can fully understand how one might feel if everyone around him or her were getting married or beginning families, although, having few friends myself, I am not in the same situation as Mr. Saturn. I keep in my mind that marriage is something that does not have an age requirement. Although I would like to marry one day and have a family, I do not expect that it will happen anytime soon. Indeed, I foresee it happening after I have completed all of my degrees.

Wilfredo: With a personality like yours, I am sure that you are going to meet someone special sooner than you think.

I’m 24 and about 80% of my class is married, most of them have kids. Although I’m not what you might call your average Joe when it comes to that.

I know how you feel Sat, it sucks. I’m pretty much in the same situation.