Your X-Box Requires Service

My X-Box is fucked up. It keeps making this weird clicking noise and it tells me that I need to call customer service in like 7 different languages.

So I call up Microsoft and I end up talking to someone in India. India! They outsource all their customer service to India. So after telling this bitch all the information I have, she finally tells me that I have to send it in to get fixed. It is going to cost me $80 because frigging Micro$oft puts out a defective product. And I have to pay to ship it to Kentucky! The thing weighs like 10 lbs!

And then the bitch has the nerve to tell me to backup anything I want saved from my HD because they might not be able to retain all the saved data. The damn X-Box doesn’t work! How am I going to get into the memory card manager?!! Even if I could, 90% of the saves are way bigger than a memory card.

This sucks ass. I am going to be so pissed if I lose all my saved games. I was so far in GTA. I had some good KoToR saves on there. I was thinking about shrining KoToR 2, but that won’t be possible if I loose all my saves. And now no one is going to believe that I beat Halo on Legendary.

This just sucks. It costs just enough to fix it that buying a new one doesn’t make sense.

Has anyone else had X-Box problems? Anyone send theirs in for service?

Yea, it happened to me, but i ended up just getting rid of it, rather than fixing it.

This guy’s <a href=“”>page</a> should really help you out though, especially if you are getting an error code with the message. You might even be able to fix it yourself.

I don’t have an X-box, but my PS2 got wrecked once when I dropped it. Sony told me I’d have to buy a new one because they don’t do repairs.

I found a second hand game shop that fixed it for me for a quarter of the price of a new one.

Moneygrubbing bastards.

I wouldn’t be so mad if it was something I did. If I dropped it or spilled beer in it or something, I’d understand.

All I ever did was give it hours of Halo lovin.

And thanks for that site, but I looked up my error code already. It is a motherboard issue. And I don’t have the skillz to open up my X-Box and try to fix it myself.

I’m just going to suck it up and send it in. They said they give you a year warantee on the repairs.

Be glad they offer repairs at all, Sony is evil in this regards, or so I hear.

No one will ever beat Nintendo’s service, though.

My old Xbox gave me some problems once or twice, but my current one is fine. My N64 is broken, as is my Dreamcast, but I think I’ve gotten rid of any other defective systems that I had.

God, talking to one of them today, and not only does she have a rock-hard accent, but because of her English incompetence, she takes about 20 seconds to say anything anytime!
Seriously, if companies were at all serious, they’d think about getting people who can At Least speak.


:bowser: dreamcasat…

This really beats having to buy another system though.

You should have seen me trying to get the address that I had to send it to. It was rediculous. It took like 15 minutes. I’m still not sure if I got it right.

My laptop has been out of commission for over a MONTH when it should have taken less than a week because some Dell tech support people (read: Indians) CANNOT comprehend the idea of a person moving, and keep sending shit to my old address, no matter how many times I tell them.

I try not to make fun of tech support people just because they’re in other countries, but one time when I called Microsoft to get Windows activated for a customer’s computer (it didn’t have a modem, a network port, or a USB port… --), I had tried asking the guy a question, he froze up for at least a minute, and then said “I am sorry, but that is not on my script.” I hung up and got the computer/automated activation wizard, which was much easier anyway… --

They definitely read from a script.

I’m not the type to make fun of someone because they don’t speak English well.

But if the main requirement for your job is to talk to people in English? You should know how to fucking speak English!

Am I the only one who actually gets useful help when I talk to tech support?

Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian.

Apple has wonderful tech support, they don’t outsource to other countries!

I only problem I have with their tech support is that some of them have really heavy accents even though they can speak English.

In the general area of customer support, has anyone ever had their postal codes mixed up repeatedly? Even though you’ve had then correct it?

So on Friday, I got my X-box back in the mail. They were fairly quick getting it back, I guess. All my saved data is gone. I’m not sure if they replaced the hard drive or what, but it is empty. It seems to work fine now.

The silver lining is that I get to play all my games again from scratch.