Your Word Is A Lamp To My Foot

Such read a license plate frame on the car in front of me yesterday.

It looked like this:


3TXC228 (the plate number)


My friends and I ruminated on what the hell this could possibly mean, but alas, we had no f’n clue. And so I turn to you guys and your sage council:

What do you think this means (no answer is too retarded, though I would appreciate serious and honest attempts. Cuz I wanna know. Really. If you must be a smart ass in your reply, at least have the decency to be funny. Unfunny smart-ass replies will be frowned upon.)

Jehova’s Witness Book

Obviously, when the person turns when somebody says word, a lamp falls on his foot.

All right, after several seconds of debate, I think I have an idea.

“Word” = Personalized licence plate.

“Lamp” = Green light.

So, the person’s referring to the fact that fancy personalized licence plates are somewhat aggravating to them, and they take it out by burning rubber past the offending vehicle.

I think. :hmm:

It’s from some annoying song that Pentacostal christians like, “Your Word is a Lamp unto my Feet” i.e. the bible helps guide them. I know because I went to a Pentacostal School for four years and had to sing that shit. it was hell on earth.

Psalm 119
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.
New American Standard Bible (NASB)

yeah, that’s where the song comes from.

As for why it says “Foot” I dunno, maybe they lost a leg in 'nam cuz they couldn’t see what they were doing and cut their leg off with a machete?

Yeah, it’s definately the bible thing. I dunno why it would be foot instead of feet though…

When I speak: You dance. Because else the lamp would fry your feet.

It sounds like a Bible thing, yes. I wish it was legal to print things on the lisence plates here in Norway: I’d have ‘Evil is Good’, or ‘All in itself is a World’. That would be cool.

The lack of logic here disturbs me.

Licence Plate = On a Car.

Foot = Pushes gas on a Car.

The Bible guides their car. Some sort of futuristic autopilot or something I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

What will be thought of next…

Your word = God’s word
Then, his word lights your path… whathever he says, it’s like a Lamp, guiding yourself into the darkness of life…