Your WC3 race and hero

I use Night Elves the most, but I can use Humans and Undead pretty well. For Night Elves, I use Priestest of the Moon for Starfall, or Keeper of the Grove for thorns aura and tranq. For Humans I use MK for all of his combat skills, and for the Undead I use the Death Knight/Crypt Lord evenly. Crypt Lord for impale and carapace, and Death Knight for animate dead.

Night Elf - Priestess of the Moon/Warden

Night Elf - Warden.


I usually play random, but I prefer orcs…
And I like Tauren Chieftain because of the Resurrection, and the Endurance Aura.

(But the real reason I love orcs is shamans (i.e. Bloodlust)…)

My race of choice is Undead, and I usualy go Death Knight first, Dreadlord second.

Undead for me here :smiley: I dont have a usual combo of heros just to keep it interesting, I try to mix them up. But i guess the one i use the most is the Crypt Lord. Gotta love being able to sit there takeing hits while regaining hp form carrion swarm and impale enemies in a line :slight_smile:

Human - Panda, 2nd hero Pitlord, 3rd hero Dark Ranger.

Question: Am I the only person on this website that uses the Goblin Tinker?
is shouted down and pelted with rocks
Seriosly though I go Random usually and these are the combos I use:
Human: AM–>MK
Orc: FS–>SH
UD: DK–>Lich–>DL
NE: DH–>KotG
Call me old fashioned but it works for me, I rarely use three heroes, or neutral heroes for that matter.

I like the Tinker plenty, but I have a very specific strategy that relies on Death Knight and Dreadlord, and in most games (Most 1vs1s, at least) a third hero is generally a waste of time and reasources.

On another note, getting a neuteral hero as your first hero is generally a bad idea. Costs you time that you can’t afford to spare.

No you are not the only one who uses the tinker :slight_smile: i use him all the time usually i love the little goblin!! :smiley: Oh and you are not really old fasiond.

Night Elf - Warden then either Keeper of the Grove or Priestess of the Moon.

Um… I don’t really stick to one race… In fact… It almost seems impossible for me. Just ask Kaldorei or Sonic. They know. >.>;; I want to play with you guys sometime though, preferably versus people. And… I probably suck by now too. o.x; Anyways…

Human: Varies… Might go Paladin/MountainKing or … flame wizard and… high… priest? I don’t remember their names. >.>;;
Orc: Basically I always go Blademaster/TaurenChieftain/Goblin… guy. The last two are switchable too. I rarely will get the far seer in combination with Blademaster.
Undead: … Duh. Deathknight/Dreadlord/CryptLord. Is there anything else? Deathknight and Dreadlord are switchable. And… If anyone thinks that dual aura ghouls is no longer a viable strat… Once again, ask Kal or Sonic. >.>;;
Night Elves: Um… I usually stick to DemonHunter/Warden/PriestessOfTheMoon. Might switch Demon Hunter and Warden occasionally for shits and giggles. It usually still all works out in the end though.

Anyways… Have Sonic or Kaldorei message me next time you all get together to play. I’ll play with ya.

I usually go random but I prefer the other races over Undead.

Human - Blood Mage, Mountain King and Paladin. I love pairing Gryphons with the Blood Mage’s Banish ability. Usually switch Paladin for a Dark Ranger if I can.

Orc - Goblin, Tauren Chieften, Blademaster. Might switch Blademaster for a Darkranger if a Tavern’s on the map

In a toss-up between Humans and Orcs, I’d choose Orcs. Love the Witch Docters. Statsis trap the enemy and Healing Wards so I take minimal damage.

Nightelf - Priestess of the Moon, Warden, Druid

Undead - Cryptlord, Death Knight and maybe a Dreadlord.

Yep. You do. :hahaha; Then again, it was gryphons you where fighting. :victoly:

Why don’t we 1v1? I think the outcome may be different. >.>;;

Edit: That WAS the game where I had Kor on my team… Right?

I’d be owned in a 1v1, but I’d love to test my luck. Yes, it was the match with Kor.

Archmage for Blizzard and Brilliance Aura, and Paladin for Devotion Aura, Heal, and Divine Shield.
I mean, seriously. If they attack the Archmage, I heal him with the Paladin. If they attack the Palladin, Divine Shield.
Add in Knights, Priests, and Sorcs for my usual combo.

For third Hero, both the Mountain King or the Blood Mage works. I prefer the Blood Mage myself. Unlimited Mana ish good.

Orc… i always liked the hero that rode the wolf… been so long wince i’ve played. I am going to swap Diablo 2 for it when my cosin finishes FT…

i mostly play orcs and my hero depends on the race i am playing against. if im fighting a human, probably farseer, the same for undead. against an NE im inclined to choose BM because a level one farseer doesnt hold a candle to a level one demon hunter. against orc, its pretty much whatever im feeling at the time. 2nd ill usually get a BM if i got a farseer first or sometimes a shaman. against undead, tauren chiefs help a lot.