Your thoughts on Assassin's Creed? (The first one)

I find it to be pretty formulaic once you discover how the patters work in the game. Arrive in city, jump up to vantage points, interrogate/investigate till you find the target, assassinate target, rinse, repeat. It makes it hard to make it very far in a sitting. Does AC2 mix it up some?

AC2 definitely mixes it up some. There’s no more of the set Interrogate/Investigate icons. Sure, you’ll end up doing missions like them, but they’re definitely a lot better about making it seem more natural.

I got bored out of my mind and stopped playing. The other games are supposed to be much better.

AC2 is vastly superior to AC1 in just about every conceivable way, and you don’t really need to know the backstory to AC1 to enjoy AC2.

I didn’t like AC2 as much as AC1. Yes the gameplay was a little less formulaic, but the game generally didn’t sit well with me. It felt very pointless. It also didn’t help that everyone sounded like Italian Monterealers, most likely because Ubisoft Montreal made the game. That struck a little too close to home. I could practically feel the condescension of my hospital’s administration every time I had to listen to someone in the game. I also hated the characters. God I wanted to bash Ezio’s sister’s face. The game was technially impressive, but other aspects rubbed me the wrong way.

I have yet to finish either of these games. The AC1 though isn’t much of it’s own fault. I realy enjoyed that game, especially getting all the flags and stuff. My game froze and crashed and then I lost my save again when I turned my Xbox onto Live.It got played out before I could finish. AC2 was cool, but like Sinistral it just didn’t really sit with me. Amazing concept though, Assassin’s Creed is easily one of the most fun games ever. Jumping and stabbing people is just the greatest.

If you like holding down a button and moving the analog stick forward, AC1 is the game for you. Also, all you really have to do in fights is repeatedly press square. Seriously. I sold it for 6 bucks.

more than that, once you get counters down theres no need to even hit square (or x in my case) repeatedly.

I found a lot more things annoying with the first one that were improved in the second. The beggars from the first one are replaced with minstrels. I find it much easier to listen to a lute than some garish accent asking me for money. They’re still annoying when they block my path, though.

The more tedious parts of AC1 were eliminated, like pickpocket missions and forcing you to travel to each new city on horseback past checkpoints that would attack you if you went too fast.

I think fighting was better in AC1. For all the hype AC2 had about disarming your enemies, once I had the dual hidden blades I didn’t use anything else.

I hated the minstrels. GOD I HATED THE MINSTRELS. I don’t think they were an improvement. I found them offensive visually and audibly and I wanted to murder every single last one that jumped in my fucking face. And there were MANY.

I think the Minstrels were my favorite people to poison.