Your preferred lead in each SaGa.

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Not as much as SaGa Frontier 2, it doesn’t! Gustave the Steel OWNZ!

Man, Gustave was the Orlandu of SF2. He just effortly crushed everything in his path.

Except he wasn’t cheap and invincible =P. And you could make people more powerful like Gustave if you gave them all Steel equipment, but it’s not worth the drawbacks in my opinion.

Yeah, I mean, there are plenty of armors out there that are almost as strong, if not as strong as, steel, so why bother with sacrificing Anima?

I barely ever used steel myself. Except for maybe using some steel weapons, but that was about it. And to be specific it was the Steel type Spear. Paladin Spear I think and I gave it to Primeria.

Oh yeah the auto-equipped Gustave Sword and such was also used. And sometimes I used steel armor for Primeria. I’m not sure why I had her use steel.

Maybe it was a test to see how strong steel could be or maybe I was just bored. Still I prefer having use of SP through out most of the game. So steel is generally a bad idea for me.


Romancing SaGa 3: Mikhail
SaGa Frontier: I guess I would have to say Red, Blue, and Asellus. Red is just cool with alkieser and all. I play Blue because I like the magic skill, you gottta have one mage! And Asellus has a cool plot and is a master sword user!
SaGa Frontier 2: Gustave.

And I can now confirm that Ruby is my favorite Unlimited SaGa lead. She’s just a fun character to use and I like how her story opens.


Eh, though I love Judy’s quest, I’m going to have to go with Kurt. He’s just plain cool and absurdly strong with nice LP. It’s just beautiful =P