Your money's going down, fuckers.

The Canadian dollar is worth almost 0.84 USD right now. It hasn’t been that high since I think 1992.

Just thought I’d bring this up >>;

Uh, so? The Euro is worth 1.4 USD. You and your stupid currency need to get with the program, the dollar is super weak right now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is it just me, or are the words “fuck” or “fuckers” used far too often around here? It’s really losing its shock value.

It’s because Hades is an uncouth, barbaric, neanderthal.

Go Canada :smiley:

Be careful, Hades, or we’ll invade you next.


And, your point is…?

I would post a MP3 file about “the F-word” “Being one of the Most Versitle word in the English Language”.

Big Nutter
$1.843 to £1. I like it Pound is stong. but The Euro is stronger.

American money rocks!
It looks like monopoly money!

Almost exactly what I have pointed out.

quick someone cover her eyes!

Hehe fat moooooooouuuuuuuuuuuusssse!!!

Big Nutter
“Egad! not up there, crown jewels, mate! eeek, arrrg!”

Fuck you.


wow if it goes up any further you may be able to afford that “horseless carriage” you see in the moving picture shows.

Or a horse, even.

Money sucks anyways… People are so dependant on it, that if you dont have any money people go “Oh My God! My life is ruined, I have nothing to live for!” Tell me if I am wrong, but to be even classed as a blue collar citizan you have to have money. If not people dont give two shits about you. Its almost like a degree. IF you dont have one, your destend to flip burgers, if you do, your going for the top. Even though people dont realize that there are people out there that dont have a degree (NOT TALKING ABOUT HOLLYWOOD FOLKS HERE!) that live in NORMAL! RURAL! or city areas, can hit it big without a college degree.

Answer me this truthfully, do you look at the people on the stree corner begging for money, the same way to people who have money? HELL NO! you sit there going, damn sucks to be him, I am glad I am not that person. People are just way to parinoid, hell even my family is, and I will honestly say even I am. I dont want to be poor, because when you are, people look down at you like your just dirt. Trust me I have been there I have seen it with my own eyes. Its called I once was a first class citizan then a divorce happend and my dad became litterally poor until about 1-2 years ago, and right now he is just getting by.

But whatever… just answer me that one question and I will be happy. Even a comment about what I just said.

I always feel so bad for them, I just wanna take them home with me. Like im not even joking I almost cry when I see them cuz it makes me so sad. :bowser:

Get prepared for an inundation of American-produced goods in 2005 and goods measured in dollars, such as oil. Especially Europe, whose tariffs are being lifted on the first of January. Why you might ask? A weak dollar means cheap cheap goods on the world market. For the last few years, the US had maintained a very sizable trade decifit, to the delight of export markets across the world, especially in Germany and Asia. This means the US imports more than it exports - the land of consumers it most certainly is. With a strong US Dollar, this really benefited both sides. The US economy was strong, people were willing to spend, and thus a trade deficit could be easily sustained alongside a booming economy. As the economy began to shrink, however, the trade deficit did not. Despite the shrinking economy, people kept spending, spending, spending. This is one of the reasons for the decline of the dollar (though there are certainly others, such as doubt over oil production, etc.). Though the small dollar can be a source of pride for countries; “look, the euro is worth 1.30 now (the euro is worth US1.30, not 1.40, perhaps a small difference you might think, but a huge difference in terms of the economy), hurray! Europle RULZQ!!!” But most people in these other countries with any real connection to the economy knew otherwise. And of course, dollar fluctuations have very little real impact on day-to-day life. A weak dollar does not mean people in the US are spending more money. Generally prices for things are the same, except for things like oil, which are skyrocketing in price and measured in dollars. The only thing that might seem more expensive suddenly is foreign goods, and trips to foreign countries (I’m feeling the brunt of this one right now).

But this is exactly why a weak dollar generally doesn’t lead to a market crash, like it did in 1987. The descent of the dollar has been relatively smooth, showing no signs of an impending crash yet. But though you might find the thought of a crash in the US Dollar gleeful, and couldn’t wait to laugh in our faces, hold your breath a bit. I don’t say this merely as an American defending his currency, but the fact is, a crash in the US currency (and I mean a crash, a plummet, not just a steady decrease in value) will inevitably lead to market crises all over the world. And this is because the dollar is still the most commonly held and invested-in currency throughout the world. Investors are willing to wait out a slump in the dollar - as we have seen, a slump in the dollar generally causes cheaper american goods to flood world markets and spurn domestic production in place of importing more expensive foreign goods. Though some have already started switching their holdings to strong euros, there has not been a large trend toward this yet. Already the US trade deficit has shrunk more this year than was expected, and though still in the negatives, it is much less than it was a couple of years ago. But a total devaluation of the US currency also means a total devaluation of billions of dollars of investments worldwide.

But for now, for those of you elsewhere in the world, enjoy the cheap prices. While the US is paying 49 dollars a barrel for oil, Europe gets it for a mere 38 Euros. And if you see me crying on the streets of paris because I just spent 7 dollars on a sandwich, please be gentle.