YOUR MOM! OHHHHH!!!!!!1111oneoneoneeleven

the return of the drunken Info, on xelo’s account :eek: ,right, backs off slowly

I don’t think he’s drunk … he actually got the right image and it showed up properly. Which makes it worse.

Lol. Nice Xelo. Where do you even find stuff like that? It’s not for you.

Punches TD smack dab in the face

Sorry, reflex ^^;

It’s Maba! =3 Lav Maba =o Is Xelo really drunk? O_o

No<!-- ten characters -->

Yes<!-- really, he is. -->

Er, I thought there was a 10 character limit or something… O_o What’s everyone been complaining about?

<!-- Fool! >>; -->

Roll the dice to see if I’m getting drunk!

I make the WEIRDEST instant-mental-associations.

Yaaaaaaaay- let’s post a random comic whenever we find it funny. Good job; that will spark lots of conversation rather than a bunch of “lols” and random inane babbling that I suppose is meant to be funny.



cough >>;

Thats was so funny. Ha Ha Ha… cough Anyway, so whats up?

Thanks for sharing that “True Nuff” moment with us, it was wonderful. Jokes (and EXPECIALY WEB COMICS) pertaining to one’s mother are quite funny and fresh, and will NEVER EVER STOP BEING FUNNY, NEVER EVEREEEEVVEERRRRR!!!

No really, there about as fresh as redneck, blond, or jokes regarding a chicken crossing the road (he does it to get to the other side by the way).

Like I said before in another thread:

YOUR MOM is a stupid gimmick.

I wasn’t trying to be cool. These stupid comic threads piss me off.