Your genre movie(s)

Do you like horror, or drama? Comedy or action? Tell it here!
Mine are in order:
#1 Action
#2 Comedy
#3 Capers
#4 Horror
#5 Animated

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And I prefer comedy. I like horror stories and games, but movies have gone down to pointless slasher flicks.

My preferences are, with foreign and independant films preferred above all,:

  1. Drama
  2. Sophisticated Comedy
  3. Documentary

I dislike almost everything else, except for some fantasy films (Lord of the Rings). I especially dislike stupid comedies, horror and most action films.

comedy and fantasy movies…

  1. Comedy
  2. Fantasy
  3. Action
  4. Drama
  5. Romance

so far, orakio and i have agreed on just about everything…

i’m scared. :slight_smile:

Same as Orak except switch action with fantasy.

2) Fantasy
4) and romance.

I don’t have a fifth.

#1 Action (with guns, really BIG guns)
#2 Horror/Suspence
#3 Comic-Horror (Evil Dead series and the like)

note: i used to like comedy movies but most of the ones made nowadays are so stupid…

My taste in movies isn’t limited to simple “genres”.

then what kind of movies do you like?

I don’t care about genres. I judge a movie by its merits rather than genre. I can enjoy and like Night at the Roxbury for just pure stupidity as much as I can enjoy and like Spartacus.

3.Uh, I don’t watch too many movies

  1. Fantasy
  2. Any sort of psychological film
  3. Comedy
  4. Martial arts movies

Like 984, I usually don’t judge a movie by genre, but here are some of my favorite genres in no particular order are action, comedy, fantasy, and horror.

Originally posted by Swift Kid
Do you like horror, or drama? Comedy or action? Tell it here!
Mine are in order:
#1 Action
#2 Comedy
#3 Capers
#4 Horror
#5 Animated

First off, you can’t say animated movies is a genre. Secondly, I go by the theory if when I see a movie, and it doesn’t suck, I like it.

I don’t like grouping things into genres, I don’t even like to group things after it’s creator: One movie in a certain genre by a certain creator might be good, while another in the same genre and by the same creator might be crap. I like things by them, not by their genre and creator.


I’m surprised nobody has said porn yet:)

Porn goes without saying…

I don’t have a favorite genre, I have favorite movies… Star Wars, LotR, The Matrix, The Ring… My likes in most thing crosses the spectrum.

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Porn goes without saying…

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Erm, just checking, are you serious?:slight_smile: