your FFXI Crafting Skills

Okay, what’s everyone’s crafting habbits in FFXI ?

So far i have invested some time into Clothcraft and Leathercraft. Clothcraft is level 4, but leathercraft is only level 1. I am currently farming some Sheepskins and Dark Crystals though so my Leatherworking will go up a bit. I am also interested in Alchemy and Culinary, but i lack funds to practice those yet.

Leather Craft 2.2
Cloth Craft 3.5
Fishing 4

I’m so damn poor. :bowser:

Took thief to 15 (17 now), I dont need to craft for money. I farm. But crafting is very cool… If you stick with it. Eventually you may tired of it if you dont like doing the same thing over and over again, and investing lots of money into it. (or time if you farm your resources)

But looks like your off to a good start with cloth at 4

Fishing 16

Fishing 15.
Cooking 5.

You can learn the craft skills faster IRL than you can in game. I never crafted, fished a bit for fun.

I picked up some Marjoram and can make some kickass hamburgers. It also works in stew and soup…


Yep, FFXI crafting is boring as shit, and the reward is so late into it that it will discourage most people. The thing squenix didnt understand is that people dont like being bored shitless while playing a GAME. Oh well, I’ve yet to play an MMORPG that has an acceptable craft system. I prefer Arcanum’s (not an MMORPG) crafting.