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<img src=“”> Eh, I kinda like Magic Arrow. After a while it has no MP cost, so you get an extra powerful attack for free. Combine that with a good bow…

True… but if you get enough mana leech (like I have) Guided arrow (level 26) actually regenerates mana. I do use magic arrow to fire normally though I never try to level the skill.

But Its really all in how you like to play the game.

Yeah, and if you get enough mana leech ANYTHING will regenerate mana! That’s not the fucking point. Until you DO, which could take quite a while, Magic Arrow is the best option for a main attack.

And once you DO, Magic Arrow becomes a ton of wasted skill points.

A lvl 20 Guided arrow can get +250% damage
With the best bows, that 6k damage easily
with a little leech, and a good bow, mana isn’t a problem

Right hand: The Oculus
Secondary: Ali Baba tulwar

Lefthand: Lidless Shield
Secondary: Melbragas Shield

Head: Shako

Body: Skullders Ire

Feet Silkweave

Hands: Magefists

Rings: 1 bugged Occy Ring, 1 SOJ

Book, I dunno what math you’re in, but where I come from, in order for a 200% bonus to equal 6k, that means it’s doing 2k to start. That’s 1960 more than I HAVE. And in order to actually REPLENISH mana with each shot, I’d have to be withdrawing 7 Mana AND THEN SOME with each shot.

Bow like Buriza can easily make 1,5-2k damage with adequate modifiers.
Critical hit double damage.
Guided arrows double it again.
Gloves doubles again. (Laying on hands…)

And Exo, congrulations, you’re now yet another copy of every sorc on bnet.
And using Hacked items too
Bugged Occy rings, pff.

Yeah, and I’m gonna find a Buriza WHERE, might I ask?

Trade for one. Easy

What mod on laying of hands will double damage?

+150% damage on demons

Yea, but that’s only to demons. You don’t run into them all the time.

And Exo, congrulations, you’re now yet another copy of every sorc on bnet.
And using Hacked items too
Bugged Occy rings, pff.

Don’t hate me because I’m elite, hate me because you aren’t.

Umm, AoS, yes you do. Act 4 is full of them, and Diablo IS a demon. Anti-Undead IS better, but Diablo and Baal fights are made SOO much easier with anti-Demon stuff.

Yea, everything in the game is either a demon or undead…so having stuff that deals 200%+ damage to demons or undead is a super plus.

Ok, ya got me there. But honestly, i don’t care so much for those mods. A lot of my characters are built for PvP (although i have 56k with makes some fights difficult).

Baal fights are pretty easy though, it’s diablo that i would rather not fight. He has that dreadful 50% chance to block attacks. So even using guided arrow, which always hits, only half (if that) of the shots will land.

And by the way Exo, i really don’t know you, but i know that if you have to use lame, hacked and duped items to get far in the game, then you’re far from elite.

Laying of hands :stuck_out_tongue: (Or was it hands of laying?)

300% + damage to demons :smiley:

Truly a god send, undead monsters are all around easy too, so bleh :stuck_out_tongue:

Though, act 5 has alot of ‘beast’ monsters, so… there are the odd monster strain that isn’t demon or undead.


Well there are some monsters that have no classification as well. Though, just like most monsters, they’re easy enough that you wouldn’t need anything that adds additional damage. Well, unless you were in hell difficulty and the only weapon you had was a short sword. Then you might have some difficulty. :slight_smile:

Ya maybe. Hell mode with a short sword… now that’d be interesting!

Not so bad for a druid though, with the damange bonus and all from morphing.


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